1) If you are in a car accident and it is not your fault, your insurance company cannot raise your rates for paying your damages.

2) If you make a claim on your uninsured motorist coverage because someone without insurance hits you, your insurance company cannot raise your rates.

3) Your  insurance company cannot cancel your policy if you make a claim that is not your fault.

4) Insurance companies refer to at fault accidents as a “chargeable” offense.

5) Your insurance company may try to attribute a “small percentage of fault” against you to raise your rates for a claim.  Be sure to verify that you were not found at fault on your claim with your adjuster and make them send you a letter to verify that you were not at fault.

The statutes on this issue are pretty clear in the state of Nevada but relatively unknown. An insurance company cannot refuse to issue your policy or renew your policy for an accident or claim that was not your fault. They also, in turn, cannot cancel your policy for an accident that was not your fault. Over the years many clients have advised us that their rates have gone up immediately following an accident. Many insurers have policies that are nationwide and this policy is illegal in Nevada. At the law office of, we make sure that our clients are treated fairly by their own insurance companies and that they are not charged with an accident that is clearly not their fault. In fact, I have seen insurance companies over the years that have sent the insured a letter advising them that they were 5% or 10% at fault for the collision when they had not even reviewed the police report, seen photographs or taken statements. This is why it is critical to have an attorney fight for you from the beginning anytime you are involved in a car accident. There are many aspects of car accident law that inexperienced attorneys are not aware of. This is one of them. At the car accident law offices of, we make sure our clients are treated properly by their own insurance company as well as receive the compensation they deserve. The statutes and Nevada are pretty clear on these issues and 

NRS 687B .35 states as follows:

NRS 687B.385  Refusal to issue, cancellation, nonrenewal or increase in premium due to claims for which insured was not at fault, claims for which insurer made no payment or recovered entirety of payment or inquiries relating to a claim prohibited.  An insurer shall not refuse to issue, cancel, refuse to renew or increase the premium for renewal of a policy of motor vehicle insurance covering private passenger cars or commercial vehicles as a result of any:

1.  Claims made under any policy of insurance with respect to which the insured was not at fault;

2.  Claims made under any policy of insurance for which the insurer has not made any payment or for which the insurer recovered the entirety of the insurer’s payment on the claim by means of salvage, subrogation or another mechanism; or

3.  Inquiries made regarding an actual or potential claim under any policy of insurance regarding:

     (a) The existence of insurance coverage for any matter; or

      (b) Any hypothetical or informational matter pertaining to insurance.

      (Added to NRS by 1987, 1063; A 1997, 30332017, 2354)

In addition to the Nevada revised Statutes,  there is also the Nevada Administrative Code. The administrative code outlines specific rules and regulations that insurance companies must follow that accompany the Nevada Revised Statutes. The Nevada Administrative Code contains specific regulations that govern administrative bodies in the state of Nevada such as the Department of Insurance. Nevada administrative code provision 687B.850 further outlines and details the rules regarding accidents that are not the fault of the policyholder. Insurance terms are referred to as chargeable or non-chargeable events and referred to in the statute below:


NAC 687B.850  Chargeable accidents: Restrictions on authority of insurer; filing and use of definition. (NRS 679B.130687B.385)

1.  An insurer shall not cancel, refuse to renew or increase the premium charge for the liability coverage under a policy of motor vehicle insurance upon renewal of the policy of motor vehicle insurance because of an accident that is not a chargeable accident.

2.  Each insurer shall file with the Division its definition of a “chargeable accident” and shall use the filed definition. The insurer’s definition of a “chargeable accident” may include only those accidents for which the insured is 50 percent or more at fault.

3.  Each filing of a rate for a policy of motor vehicle insurance submitted to the Division must define a “chargeable accident” in terms of a monetary amount of damage.

4.  An insurer may not define a claim made under the comprehensive portion of a policy of motor vehicle insurance as a chargeable accident in order to increase the premium for the policy or to cancel the policy, but the insurer may use a series of such claims to discontinue comprehensive coverage or to offer a higher deductible for comprehensive coverage upon the renewal of the policy.

When I advise clients they need to make an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim on their own insurance, they are often hesitant to do so, fearing their carrier will either raise their rates, or cancel the policy altogether. However, Nevada, as outlined, has a statute exactly on point, precluding insurance companies from doing either. An uninsured motorist policy provides insurance coverage for the negligence of a driver that causes damages who either has no insurance, or cannot be located.  In such instances, the claimant’s own insurance company provides insurance up to the policy limits for this uninsured driver. An underinsured motorist policy provides coverage for a driver who has insufficient insurance coverage to pay for all of the damages he or she caused.  In such instances, the claimant’s own insurance policy provides additional coverage over and above the negligence driver’s liability policy, up to the policy limits.

The plain language of the statute and code preclude insurance companies in Nevada from raising rates for people who make a UM/UIM (no fault on the part of the insured) claim. The Nevada Supreme Court has upheld the statute against the insurance companies challenge. See Reinkemeyer v. Safeco Ins. Co. of America,  16 P.3d 1069, 117 Nev. 4 (2001) (holding the statute that prohibits an insurer from canceling, refusing to renew, or increasing the premium for a policy of casualty or property insurance as a result of claims with respect to which the insured was not at fault is not facially unconstitutional under the state due process and takings clauses)

NRS 687B.385 applies to policies where insurers attempts to cancel or increase premiums because an insured has filed a claim for which the insured is not at fault. With nearly 15% of the drivers in the Nevada being uninsured, and most not having sufficient insurance, when you are in an accident, it is important that you contact an attorney who has experience exploring all policies available for recovery. has the experience, and provides free initial consultations. 

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