Do you know what fireworks are legal in our County, NV? With quarantine  

rules slowly lifting around the country, it’s time to celebrate with family.

Check out this week’s blog to for holiday rules and safety tips. 

At The One we are wishing you and your family a safe and happy Fourth of July for 2020. With quarantines  slowly lifting around the country, I hope that everyone can once again enjoy time with family and celebrate. Besides maintaining hygiene requirements such as constant handwashing and social distancing,  the following are 10 important safety tips to remember to keep everyone injury free and healthy on the Fourth of July.

  1. Check with your local authorities to be sure that the fireworks you are using and purchasing during this holiday are legal in your area. Only fireworks that are labeled “Safe and Sane” are legal in our County, if you need a guide of the local business and authorities to check this information, visit he Harlingen guide.   In Henderson as well as throughout the County,  fireworks that fly through the air, explode, or rotate on the ground are illegal within the county. They have been deemed to be unsafe because the firework user is not able to control where they land potentially causing a fire. Although illegal fireworks are often sold outside our County and on the Indian reservation within the County, they are still not legal to be used in the County. If you purchase fireworks on the Indian Reservation,  they are expected to be used on  the reservation in a designated area. They are not expected to be removed from the reservation. It is important to note that if illegal fireworks are brought into our County , they can be confiscated and the person using them can be charged with a crime and  fined  up to $1000 and/or six months in jail.  That is a substantial penalty and important to keep in mind when purchasing fireworks. In addition “safe and sane“ fireworks are illegal in this County only from June 28 until  11:59 on July 4th.
  1. When lighting fireworks, it is extremely important to keep safety equipment on hand including a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher. Fire extinguishers generally cost in the neighborhood of $30-$50 and are well worth the investment to keep on hand during the holiday and all year round.  Also, place all used fireworks in the water bucket to prevent accidents.  If possible, light fireworks near a hose for quick water access in case of emergency.
  1. It is extremely important to supervise children closely when using fireworks and sparklers. Never allow children to play near the location that fireworks are being set off and make sure that someone is in charge of accounting for all children at the celebration throughout the evening. Accidents happen when adults lose track of the little ones and think someone else is watching them. Make sure someone is designated to watch the children during the celebration.   This is also important for pool safety as many Fourth of July celebrations take place around pools.  It is extremely important to make sure that little ones are well supervised at all times during the celebration.
  1. Make sure you are not wearing loose clothing when using fireworks and sparklers. It is easy for clothing to catch fire.  Things like lose shirt sleeves, fringe on clothing, wide shorts, blowing skirts, and drawstrings can blow into the spark and catch fire.  Choose your celebration entire with these tips in mind. 
  1. It is also important to keep all pets away from fireworks. In fact,  best practice is to keep pets indoors. They are often spooked by the loud noise and commotion and can runoff. They can also be injured by stray fireworks or by getting into the mix to close to the fireworks. Keep our firm friends safe inside away from fireworks during the celebration. This is probably equally important for their mental health.
  1. If you light a firework and it fails to function as it is supposed to, do not re-light the firework. This can be dangerous as the firework is clearly defective and can go off in an unintended way causing injury to people and property. If a firework is defective soak it in water and throw it away.  
  1. Be sure to always light fireworks in an open area.  Never light a firework in a container especially one that is glass. This can cause an explosion and fragments to fly into observers causing severe injury to your family and friends.  
  1. Never light fireworks in forest areas or near trees.  It is important to make sure that there is a clear and open perimeter when lighting fireworks to prevent a fire.  
  1. In addition to fireworks, most people are using outdoor grills during the holiday. Make sure that your grill is cleaned periodically and that there is no grease buildup .  A grease build up can be a potential fire hazard.
  1. Some makes and models of grills will drip grease underneath.  Be sure to keep pets and small children away from the grill during the celebration.  In addition to drips, be sure someone is attending to a hot grill at all times to prevent fire or injury to your young guests.  

By following these simple safety tips and being prepared for the unexpected during the Fourth of July celebration you can protect your family and friends from potential dangerous situations. Celebrating our independence should be a joyous and safe occasion for everyone.


Fireworks injuries can be severe and life threatening.  Seek medical attention immediately.  If your or a  loved one is injured.  There are steps that you should take and an attorney should be contacted the next day.  If injury occurs, it is important to immediately take the following steps:

  1. Take as many photos as possible of the firework, the scene, the debris, and  the injury. 
  2. Gather the names, address and phone numbers of all persons who witnessed the accident. 
  3.  Most significantly, if possible, keep all remnants of the firework that caused the injury including the packaging and the receipt if available. If not, find out where the firework was purchased and when as soon as possible.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2018 there were five fireworks related deaths. Those deaths were associated with reloadable aerial devices and all of those victims died from direct impact of the fireworks.  It is extremely critical that if a firework does not perform immediately as intended,  do not attempt to re-light the firework  and immediately douse the firework with water. Firework malfunction’s account for many serious injuries and even death.

In 2018 there were an estimated 9,100 injuries from fireworks that were treated in US emergency room departments. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission,  about 36% of those victims were children under the age of 15 years old. The report found  that children 10 to 14 years of age had the highest rate of injury that required  emergency treatment.  

In addition, although sparklers are generally considered to be a harmless fun suitable for the little ones, there were an estimated 500 in the emergency room treated injuries associated with sparklers in 2018. It is very important to supervise children closely when using any type of firework and always assume that any firework cannot cause injury.

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