Penalties for Driving Without Insurance and Requirements for Insurance in Nevada


1) There is no grace period for insurance lapse in Nevada.

2) A one day lapse in insurance coverage can result in a minimum $250 reinstatement fee if your registration is revoked.

3) Fines for not having insurance can be greater depending on how long the lapse is and if you had any previous lapses in insurance coverage.

4) You are allowed to present your insurance card to an officer by your cell phone

5) Insurance companies in Nevada are required to validate the status of Nevada insurance  policies to the department of motor vehicles.

In Nevada there is no grace period when it comes to a lapse in your car insurance coverage. That means that if your coverage even lapses for one day, there could be a suspension of your registration. That also means that there could be a minimum fine of $250 to reinstate your registration. Nevada has longer fines and fees for driving without insurance depending upon how long the lapse was and if there were any previous lapses in insurance coverage.   It is extremely important not to let your insurance lapse.  However, the fines could be minimal in comparison to having an accident without car insurance. Damages for personal injuries and vehicle damages to another person that you may be involved in an accident with could drive you into bankruptcy.  Whether you have insurance or not you are still liable for any damages that you caused during the operation of your motor vehicle. If it all possible, it is critical not to let your insurance policy lapse on your vehicle.  And if that happens, you should consider public transportation until you can have the policy re-issued.  

There are several areas to keep in mind regarding insurance requirements in Nevada.   First, insurance companies are required to report to the department of motor vehicles.  Secondly, it is mandatory to have insurance in Nevada and if you have a lapse you could be required to provide additional information to the department of motor vehicles.

Insurance Company Reporting

Insurance companies that are licensed to do business in the state of Nevada are required to work with the Department of Motor Vehicles  and validate the status of Nevada insurance policies upon request by the Department. The Department of Motor Vehicles  has a program called LIVE that periodically asks insurance companies if certain vehicles have current Nevada liability insurance coverage. You are only required to carry liability insurance in Nevada which will pay for claims of other drivers against you. However, at  we highly recommend that you have coverage on your own vehicle including UIM, towing, medical payments coverage and rental. Many drivers in Nevada are not insured and you could be at great risk. 

As a brief review, towing coverage covers the cost of towing your vehicle from the scene of an accident. Always have your vehicle towed to your home, NOT to the tow yard. I have written blogs on this issue before.  It is very difficult to get your belongings out your vehicle from a tow yard. Your insurance company will pay to have it towed to the body shop. UIM/UM  coverage stands for under-insured and uninsured motorist coverage that covers any injuries you have if someone else hits you when it’s not your fault and they don’t have insurance or they don’t have enough insurance. Rental car coverage is pretty self-explanatory but it’s critical for people who need transportation immediately. Your own insurance company will put you in a rental car the next day. The adverse insurance company may take a week or even 30 days to put you in a rental car while they are “investigating the accident.”  Finally medical payments coverage is very important and it is coverage that pays your medical bills or co-pays so that you don’t wind up in collections while you are trying to negotiate with the adverse driver. I have several blogs that detail all of these coverages.  Please take a look or feel free to call us at if you have any questions.

What is an SR 22

In Nevada, if you are found to have been financially irresponsible in the past by not having insurance for more than 91 days then you may be required by the department of motor vehicles to have SR 22 insurance form on file. This is a certificate of responsibility that would be required by your insurance company to file with the Department of motor vehicles. Of course, this will significantly increase your rates as insurance companies will first, know you have been  irresponsible in the past and second, be required to provide additional paperwork with your policy. The company is required to notify the Department of motor vehicles immediately if you fail to pay for or terminate your insurance coverage.   Penalties for failure to maintain the SR 22 requirement will include a suspension of your driver’s license and registration of any vehicles registered to you. This is an extremely harsh penalty and therefore, it is extremely important to maintain your insurance policy in Nevada.

Nevada Insurance Requirements

Nevada requires, like most states, that you carry liability insurance to protect other drivers that you may be involved in an accident with on the roadway when it is your fault. State minimum coverage is different in different states. In Nevada you are required to carry $25,000 per person for bodily injury and $50,000 for bodily injury for all persons in the other vehicle. This is usually referred to as a 25/50 policy, meaning that you carry coverage of $25,000 per person for people in the adverse vehicle or $50,000 for all persons in any other vehicles involved in an accident when it is your fault. Drivers in Nevada are also required to carry $20,000 in property damage coverage for damage to the vehicle that you hit in the accident. With the cost of vehicles these days, $20,000 may well be insufficient to cover the damage to another vehicle, especially if there’s more than one vehicle involved in the accident. At the offices of, we urge our clients to carry coverage higher than the minimum state limits required in order to protect you and your family.

Carrying Proof Of Insurance

In Nevada, you are required to always have proof of your automobile insurance with you at all times while you’re driving. Under the statute, this can be presented electronically and technically the officer is not supposed to look at anything else on your phone. However, if they “unintentionally” look at something on your phone that could be another problem. We strongly urge you to carry a paper copy of your Nevada proof of automobile liability insurance coverage in your glove box along with your registration. Always remember to put the updated card in your glove box when it comes in the mail from your insurance company or print one if you are paperless with your insurance company. We urge clients not to go paperless with their insurance companies because sometimes things are “out of sight out of mind.” It is easy to forget these types of matters. It is easier to remember when that card shows up in the mail.

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