Is my Car Insurance Really More Expensive in Nevada Depending on Where I Live?

The short answer is yes. Drivers in Las Vegas Nevada and in Henderson Nevada pay some of the highest rates in the state.  In fact, auto insurance rates in Las Vegas and Henderson can be twice as much as some residents in other cities in the state. One of the factors in determining the rate you are charged for your car insurance is the ZIP Code in which you live. Insurance companies use vast amounts of data to compile rates and one of those data points is ZIP Code.  It seems somewhat logical that if you live in an area where more claims are paid, then your insurance rate will be higher, even though you are not the one making the claims.  

For example a recent search for car insurance rates revealed that the same auto insurance coverage in various ZIP Codes in the city was different.   In fact, the following differences in rates were found:

              89101 the rate is $2705.00

  89102 the rate is $2673.00 

  89030 the rate is $2644.00. 

 89104 the rate is  $2036.00. 

 89146 the rate is  $2605.00. 

Based upon this search,  the ZIP Code of 89146 had the lowest rate; as much as $100 less than 89101.  The search is not scientific, as each person will be putting in numerous factors to determine rates and this is only for demonstrative purposes.  It is clear that zip code is a factor that will likely affect the rate a person pays for their car insurance. In fact, if you search the same coverages for rural areas in Nevada such as Winnemucca at 89445, rates are as low as $1175 for the same coverage.  Rates in Lovelock at 89419 are as low as $1,180. Rates in Battle Mountain at 89820 are as low as $1,183.00 and rates in Round Mountain Nevada at 89045 are as low as $1,185.00.

I’m going to give very quick, simple review of different insurance coverages. Liability insurance is what is referred to with the state minimums of 25 /50/20. Liability insurance is the coverage that protects you when you are sued by another driver for injuries or property damage.  Coverage that protects your vehicle and damages to your vehicle is called collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage pays for property damage to your car resulting from an auto accident, a single car accident, if the vehicle is stolen, if a tree falls on the vehicle or flooding or the vehicle is vandalized or any number of damages that can occur to your vehicle. Collision and comprehensive coverage is coverage only for your vehicle; it is not any type of medical coverage. Medical payment coverage is also available and that is coverage that pays for medical bills for the driver of the car, which is probably you, and any passengers in your own car. This is usually a very limited amount, often as low as $1,000.00 or even up to 25,000. UIM coverage is coverage that pays for injuries to you and your passengers in the event that you are in an auto accident in which you and your family are injured and the other driver does not have any insurance or does not have enough insurance. Unfortunately,  this is actually a common scenario in the state of Nevada in that at any given time studies have shown that anywhere from 13% to 19% of the drivers on the road are not insured in the state of Nevada.

Although rates are very important and shopping for the best rate benefits you and your family, insurance coverage should not strictly be purchased just buy the cheapest price.  It is important that your family is protected in the event of emergency. In Nevada, state minimums for insurance are 25,000 per person that you injure, 50,000 total for all the people you injure in one accident and 20,000 for property damage.   This is often written as 25/50/20. What this means is that the coverage is for liability, meaning claims against you, up to $25,000 per person can be paid for injuries resulting from an auto accident which is your fault and $50,000 as a total for all persons injured in a vehicle or vehicles accident that is your fault.  The last number of $20,000 is for all property damage relating to an accident. With the cost of vehicles today, you can see that even a moderate vehicle accident involving two or more cars, $20,000 may be insufficient to repair the vehicles. If that happens, your insurance would not cover all of the damages that you are responsible for causing and thus,  you would have to pay that difference out of your pocket. As this example illustrates, it is extremely important when buying insurance you make sure that the limits that you are purchasing will adequately cover your family against an accident that is your fault.    

We often hear clients  tell us that they assume that their insurance company will handle everything.  They have the false belief that they can buy minimum policy limits and, no matter what happens, that since they had insurance they will not be liable for anyone else’s damages. This is far from the truth. The fact is, that if you purchase insurance that is not sufficient to cover damages that you caused, you could be personally liable for those damages.  Failure to have enough coverage could result in great financial hardship for you and your family. Therefore, making a smart decision when purchasing auto insurance is critical to protecting your family against unforeseen accidents. This is where shopping rates can make a big difference. Like anything else, you can get more for less if you are diligent in your efforts to compare.  

CompanyState minimum  annual rate50/100/50 annual rate100/300/100 annual  rate
Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co                       $873           $1,023$2,256
Geico Cas Co                       $654            $701$1,342
Mid Century Ins Co                       $662            $771$1,537
Progressive Northern Ins Co                        $531            $632$1,663
State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co                       $574            $742$1,726
Victoria Fire & Cas Co                       $442            $737$1,955

Fortunately in this day and age, the internet makes comparing rates, coverages, and carriers simple. Spending a little bit a time at the keyboard can save you literally a thousand dollars a year and protect your family. When shopping for insurance, I highly recommend to all of my clients, friends and followers that you go with an insurance company that you have seen a commercial for on TV. I know this sounds simple and I will try to provide some detail as to why this is my recommendation. There are a lot of insurance companies out there that are not financially stable or have policies to reject almost all claims in order to protect their bottom line. Although all insurance companies are cautious in paying claims and do not pay claims easily, carriers such as Allstate, Progressive, Geico, Farmers, State Farm ,AAA, USAA, the Hartford, Nationwide, Century etc. These  large carriers will protect the interests of their own insureds. There are many great companies out there and I always recommend that people compare them and go with a company that is large o that they are protected in a time of need. To tell people to look for a television commercial may seem quip. However, these companies have large numbers of insureds and are able to have the resources to provide counsel when necessary, make payment when necessary, and to stand behind their policyholders better than companies with less resources.

In Fact, in recent poll pf 3,700 customers, insurance companies in Nevada were rated and these are the results:

2Liberty Mutual90.49
4Auto Club of Southern California (Auto Club Enterprise Insurance Group)88.18
5American Family87.76
7The General86.39
9State Farm86.16
12CSAA Insurance Group84.12

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