“The Night Before Christmas.” By a Lawyer

Twas the night before Christmas, and the drafts were complete) (Not a comma was missing, not even a one)

The office was quiet, the staff had gone home;

The filing was all finished, the drawers were all closed;

 In hopes no arrests would be near;

The attorneys were home with their smart phones near;
While visions TRO’s danced in their heads;

With me still in my suit and the kids all tucked into bed;
I had just settled into a long brief writing session;

When the Nest Doorbell alarm broke my concentration;

I sprang from my desk to see what the matter was;.
Looking up from my stack papers I saw like a flash;
So I pulled open the blind and peered thru the glass;
The Street was a dust with the glisten of snow;
That made the papers shine on my desk below;
But with a peek out the dusty blinds what should appear;
What wonder — a sled and reindeer;
With a little old man I’ve seen at the mall;
I thought oh please, not a new client on Christmas eve;
Quicker than I can say Amicus curiae;
He yelled out to the reindeer and hollered their name;
Without regard to the neighborhood watch;

He swooped down and the security lights came on;
Landing on roofs, smashing solar panels;

The alarms they went off and trouble was coming;
The police arrived like a hurricane in the dark;
And through the gate they came without a stop;
Out of their cars they got and to the sky they looked;
With amazement and wonder;

At the drone full of toys and a man they knew;
They watched with guns drawn in silent shudder;
And listened to the sound of the motor a flutter;
But as I watched thru the blinds, I knew it was true;
It was the magic of Christmas, and the officers knew;
The guns were put down, as Santa made his rounds;
He squeezed thru the chimney, thru the broken glass sound;
With a giant bundle strapped on his back;
 Although it looked like a crime, the police somehow new it was meant;
They were taken back to a time that they knew:
When the magic of Christmas overshadowed the gloom;
And their faces softened as they began to recall;
The days at the mall, with Santa eager to all;
Their most desired wishes at this time of year;

And as they watched through the red flashing lights;
The man they knew as Santa began to take flight;
He laughed and he waved to the officers below;
 And somehow they know there was no crime to behold;
The looked at each other with a sigh of relief;
And began to retreat;
The officers knew there was nothing to dread;
They spoke not a word as the memories danced in their heads;
To their cars they returned;
Through the gate they left;
 All giving a wave, to Jolly St. Nick;
 As I watched the chaos subside;
As I watched through the blinds;
I knew that the magic of Christmas would never die;
I returned to my brief, and the calm returned;

As I made the trip for my third cup of Joe;

My head turned to the tree and the presents below;

The packages appeared, with no other explanation at all;

Silent he was as he came down the chimney behold;

Stacking the presents, without sound in delight;

And so a brief was completed and no crime was committed that night;

And the magic of Christmas was again repeated;

As I stumbled to bead for my hour of sleep;

I listened in the distance as the craft creeped to the sky;

And I thought to myself how the years fly by;

Relish each one, as if the first, and Love those near as Jesus loves the earth;

As I closed my eyes for my brief rest, I heard those words that recur;

Merry Christmas to All, to all a good night.

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