1. You will need to check the jurisdiction of the accident on the Police “tape” they will give you at the scene. Take a picture of that tape;
  1. For the City of Henderson, you can obtain the report at no cost at: Henderson Police Records 

Attention: Traffic Accident Records

223 Lead Street

Henderson, NV 89015

  1. For the LVMPD, you can obtain the report for ten dollars at:   

LVMPD Police Records Section

Attention: Traffic Accident Records

  1. Martin Luther King Blvd., Bldg. C

Las Vegas, NV 89106

  1. For the City of North Las Vegas, you can obtain the report for $5 dollars at: 2266 Civic Center Dr. 
                                                                                                                              North Las Vegas, NV  89030
                                                                                                                              Phone: (702) 633-1715
  1. For the Nevada Highway Patrol’ you can obtain the report for a cost of $10 at:

Nevada Highway Patrol Records Section

Attention: Traffic Accident Records

  1. Sunset Road

Las Vegas, NV 89118

How to Get A Traffic Accident Report

Clients come to us and often they have the police tape which is a receipt type paper that the officer will hand you at the scene of the accident. It is critical that you keep this piece of paper. In fact, I strongly advise that you take a photo of it, so it is not lost. This document which looks like a receipt contains the insurance information of the adverse driver, their driver’s license information, and Vin number of the vehicles involved in the accident.  It also has contact information for insurance companies, Houston personal injury lawyer and the other driver. Clients often believe that this is the actual police report. In fact, it is not. The police use this information that they input, and they prepare a complete report which can be retrieved from the department who investigated the accident. In southern Nevada there are four primary departments that have jurisdiction over traffic accident. 

 The department that responds to the scene will be either the City of Henderson, the City of North Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, or the Highway Patrol most likely. The document that you are given by the officer will clearly indicate which department is responding and their vehicles will also be marked as well. It is important that you go to the correct facility to obtain your report. These agencies are not crossed so one agency will not have the report of another. For example, the City of Henderson will not have a police report that was prepared by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. For your convenience, below we have listed the information of where to obtain and how to obtain each report. At Law Offices of we are able to get started on your case immediately to get you the treatment you need, and your car repaired quickly with the simple tape that you were given by the officer.  At we will obtain the report on your behalf. If you would like to get the full report, each agency has their own guidelines and locations.

Obtaining a Report from the LVMPD

The cost to obtain a Traffic Collision Reports from the LVMPD is $10.00. You can request the report at LVMPD Police Records Section 400 Martin Luther King Blvd., Bldg. C, Las Vegas, NV 89106 or online.  Your request cannot be completed without these important an email address, a phone number with area code and an event number or date/time and location of accident to obtain a report.

Obtaining a Report from the City of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas is open Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed holidays).  The day after a holiday and Mondays are usually the busiest days. The records office is located at: 

2266 Civic Center Dr. 
North Las Vegas, NV  89030
Phone: (702) 633-1715

They have the option to request a report by mail.  To make the request by mail, include a copy of your identification, a notarized letter with case number and/or any other pertinent information and a self-addressed stamped/postage paid envelope.  If you are requesting a 911 call or photos, the return envelope must accommodate a CD.  You must include all fees for the reports with the request. The Record Division for the City of North Las Vegas is open to request copies of reports or to obtain background checks Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The following is a list of the fees as of April 2021 (personal checks are accepted)

Police Reports $5.00 per report
Police Reports on Microfilm $4.00 for first page, $1.00 each additional page
Photographs $10.00 if on disc, $2.00 per page for color photos
SCOPE (Background Check) $10.00
Employment Background Check $10.00 – The employer must present a signed release from the employee for whom the background check is being conducted
Requests for 911 Calls $10.00 each
Radio Tickets $5.00 each
Witness Statements $5.00 each
Miscellaneous Report Attachments $5.00 each

Obtaining a Report from the City of Henderson

Traffic accident reports from the city of Henderson are available online, free of charge, at If the accident is still under investigation, it will not be available until the investigation is complete and the case is closed. Henderson Police accident reports are generally available online approximately 48 to 72 hours after the accident.  They can also be picked up at 223 Lead Street, Henderson, NV 89015.

Obtaining a Report from the Nevada Highway Patrol 

In order to obtain a copy of a Nevada Highway Patrol Traffic accident report of a collision that you were involved in, in Southern Nevada, you can go to 4615 Sunset Road, Las Vegas, Nevada or you can go online.  Remember you will need to allow seven to fourteen business days from the day of the automobile accident for accident report to be completed and available for release. Also, please not that each accident report will cost ten dollars ($10) and five dollars ($5) for a photo CD.  Accidents involving fatalities will take much longer as the investigation is much more detailed.  

By contacting a lawyer immediately, you can receive the most money for your injury claim. At we will quickly obtain the report for you.   Having worked in the insurance industry as an attorney for 9 years before opening our boutique law firm specializing in helping injured people, I reviewed thousands of insurance policies.   With extensive experience in the insurance field, I can help you review your injury claim  and maximize the money you receive in your pocket after your bills and fees are paid.

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