1. Roadside assistance will include towing coverage for your vehicle for any reason whether it is an accident or a break-down;
  1. Roadside assistance coverage will provide you with help in the event you have a flat tire or mechanical defect, but towing coverage will not provide coverage for those issues;
  1. There is no need to pay for towing coverage and roadside assistance so you should pick one or the other and I recommend roadside assistance.

One coverage no one ever really thinks about until they need it is their towing coverage. There are actually different levels of towing and the cost can be quite high if your vehicle needs to be towed for a long distance. For example, most towing coverage is covering a certain number of miles usually in the city from 10 to 20 miles. If you have to have an accident out on the highway or somewhere far from a body shop, you could wind up with quite the towing bill.  You would also be at the mercy of whatever towing company was used. For example, if your insurance coverage covers the first 20 miles of towing and your vehicle winds up needing to be towed 50 miles, you could be on the hook for is much is five dollars a mile or better for those last 30 miles. Generally, towing coverage is very inexpensive and to increase it to a higher mileage of towing is usually only a couple of dollars. It is a coverage that no one thinks about and unfortunately, agents really overlook. In fact, I think very few people even have an agent anymore. Many people just go online and purchase their coverage. Insurance companies are not inclined to offer you better coverages for small amounts of money so often the most economical pops up and unless you click a drop-down button or look further, you may assume that is the only level of coverage offered. 

Where do I have towing coverage?

Road-Side Assistance

Towing your vehicle coverage can come from two different places. You can have a roadside assistance policy on your main insurance or through a separate carrier like AAA and that will cover towing. Roadside assistance policies generally have limitations on towing and a slightly higher fee associated with a better towing package. It is important to look at what you are buying and see if you would benefit from a slightly increased premium for better coverage to tow your vehicle from a long distance.

Auto Insurance Policy

Towing coverage can also be on your primary auto insurance policy. It is not necessary to have duplicate coverage. Roadside assistance policies are generally better because they will come out and change a flat tire or assist you in the event that your vehicle breaks down. You will get more bang for your buck from the roadside assistance policy then a towing policy on your primary auto policy.  Therefore,, we highly recommend that you have a roadside assistance policy instead of a towing policy.   Many major carriers offer their own roadside assistance, or you can purchase one separate from your auto insurance coverage through a different carrier.  

It has been our experience at the and dealing with auto accident cases and injured clients that people generally do not even know what towing coverage they have. It is something they just assume is built into a policy and sadly it is not. When you are buying auto insurance or reviewing your auto insurance coverages be sure to check your towing coverage and see what coverages are on the policy.  You do not need to have two policies of roadside assistance and towing. You can put only towing on your automobile liability and comprehensive policy. However, that will only cover towing in the event of an accident and not a breakdown. Therefore, we highly recommend that you purchase roadside assistance instead of towing because it will help you in many more situations such as a breakdown, a flat tire, being locked out of your vehicle or any other mechanical breakdown issue that you may encounter.  If they cannot fix your vehicle on the site, they will tow your vehicle to the nearest body shop.

Below is a comparison of Roadside assistance policies done by

Best Roadside Assistance ProviderAverage CostBBB RatingCoverageTowing LimitPolicy Limits
1. Progressive$16A+Towing, winching, jump-start, fuel delivery, battery change, lockout service, flat tire change, on-scene labor15 miles or nearest repair shopService limits vary by policy
2. AAA$38–$164A+Towing, flat tire change, jump-start, fuel delivery, mechanical first aid, locksmith service, identity theft protection, passport photos, trip planningThe nearest gas station, AAA-approved repair facility, or preferred mechanicLimit of 4 service calls per membership year
3. Better World Club$58-$98A+Battery jump-start, flat tire change, lockout service, fuel delivery, trip routing, discounts on hotels, rental cars, and more5 miles with the Basic Auto package, 100 miles with the Premium Auto packageLimit of 4 service calls per year
4. USAA$14A-Towing, lockout service, jump-start, flat tire change, fuel deliveryNearest repair shopPays up to $100 per occurrence
5. Geico$14A+Towing, jump-start, flat tire change, lockout serviceNearest repair shopLimit of 5 service calls per year
6. CARCHEX$60–$110A+Towing, mechanical first aid, flat tire change, emergency battery service, lockout service, fuel delivery, theft reward, trip route mapping25 milesLimit of 5 to unlimited service calls per year, depending on package
7. Allstate Motor Club$86–$144A+Towing, jump-start, fuel delivery, lockout service, flat tire change, trip planning$150–$250 benefit per tow, depending on packageLimit of 3–5 service calls per year, depending on package
8. AARP$64–$84A+Towing, flat tire change, fuel delivery, battery boost, winching, lockout service, trip routing, auto theft reward, emergency hospital bond, arrest bond certificate, legal defense reimbursement, trip interruption guarantee5 miles with the basic package, 100 miles with premium packageLimit of 3–4 service calls per year, depending on package
9. OnStar$300–$756FAutomatic crash response, automatic emergency services contact, towing, flat tire change, fuel delivery, stolen vehicle assistance, remote vehicle diagnostics, 2GB hotspot data40 miles or nearest repair shopService limits vary by customer and state
10. American ExpressFree*A+Towing, winching jump-start, fuel delivery lockout service, flat tire changeNearest repair shopOnly provides coordination and assistance with obtaining services (cost of services are the responsibility of the customer)

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