Early voting has begun, and every vote is so critical. I know that many people think their vote does not count. In the year 2000, Democratic nominee Al Gore lost the electoral college vote to George W Bush.  The election, in its entirety, came down to a re-count in Florida.  

Bush had won the popular vote by such a small margin that it triggered an automatic recount and a Supreme Court case titled Bush vs. Gore. In the end, Bush won Florida by a margin of .009% of the votes cast in the state or 537 votes. If 600 more Democrats had voted that year in Florida, the election would have been completely different and possibly, the course of history.  

More recently, Donald Trump defeated Hilary Clinton in 2016 by securing a close electoral college margin of votes. Although the election was not as close as the Gore /Bush election, it was an extraordinarily close race. In fact, Hilary Clinton won the national popular vote by almost 3,000,000 votes. However, the concentration of Trump voters in states with more electoral votes called “swing” states, like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan brought him an electoral college win to secure the presidency. 

Every vote is critical because every state matters and the votes in your state are independent for electoral college votes. Although I am personally in great disagreement with the modern use of the electoral college and believe that an overall popular vote of the United States should determine our president, that is not the current system under which we live and it will take a constitutional amendment to change that. However, in the meantime, every vote counts because recent elections have been extraordinarily close. Your right to express your opinion is fundamental and sacred in this nation.   Thousands of men and women have lost their lives in wars for the past 200 years to maintain our freedoms. The right to vote is the most fundamental freedom that we as Americans exercise.

In my lifetime, this is the most divided I have ever seen our nation and the only way to bring change is for everyone to express their opinion and exercise their rights. Participating in our elections is a fundamental and sacred freedom of American life.  There are many nations and countries in the world where their citizens do not have the same freedom. No matter what candidate you support or where your political alliances lie, it is incumbent upon you as an American to exercise your right to vote. There have been thousands of people that have fought, protested, marched, and worked so hard for you to have the privilege.

 Early voting has begun in the state of Nevada and below is a list of polling places where you can exercise your right between now and October 30. Check locations below and the dates to locate the most convenient place for you to vote. Early voting is critical because it allows a more accurate accounting of votes.  By early voting you can protect yourself and other voters to help cut down on any crowding at the voting polls and make this a safer election for everyone. You can choose to mail in your vote now or go to the most convenient polling place near you.

 Make a plan as to when you will be going and review your early ballot that you received in the mail. It is important to remember that it is not only the presidential election you are voting to elect.  There are dozens of candidates for many local positions on the ballot. It is important to do your research,  ask friends and neighbors about candidates you do not know or research online in order to make an informed choice. It is never a good idea to just vote for anyone if you do not know who the candidates are on the ballot. It is better to skip those elections or just put none of these and move on. Sometimes non-qualified judges and other state political posts get elected because people failed to do research and just picked a name on the ballot. Do not fall into that trap.  It is important to know that if you do not know the candidates in each election you can simply skip that or put none of these and move on. Make a plan, offer to take elderly friends or neighbors to the polls.   Together we can exercise our rights. 


The Following are a list of the polling locations in Clark County Nevada. 

LONG-TERM EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS WITH ADDRESSES/ CROSS STREETSHours for All Long-Term Early Voting Sites Are October 17-29 (Saturday-Thursday), 9am-7pm, and October 30 (Last Friday), 9am-Bpm
Arroyo Market Square, EVENT TENTParking Lot Near the Men’s Wearhouse, CC-215 / S. Rainbow Blvd.
Blue Diamond Crossing, EVENT TENTParking Lot Between Target and Kohl’s, Blue Diamond Rd. / Arville St.
Boulevard Mall, EVENT TENT SOUTH OF APPLEBEE’SParking Lot South of Applebee’s on Maryland Pkwy., 3528 S. Maryland Pkwy. / E. Desert Inn Rd.
Centennial Center Home Depot, EVENT TENTHome Depot Parking Lot, 7881 W. Tropical Pkwy. / Centennial Center Blvd.
Cora Coleman Senior Center, 2100 Bonnie Ln. / E. Lake Mead Blvd.
LONG-TERM EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS WITH ADDRESSES/ CROSS STREETSHours for All Long-Term Early Voting Sites Are October 17-29 (Saturday-Thursday), 9am-7pm, and October 30 (Last Friday), 9am-Bpm
Deer Springs Town Center, EVENT TENTParking Lot Near Home Depot, North 5th St. / E. Deer Springs Way
Desert Breeze Community Center, 8275 Spring Mountain Rd. / S. Cimarron Rd.
Downtown Summerlin Las Vegas Ballpark, EVENT TENTAviators South Parking Lot, 1650 S. Pavilion Center Dr.
East Las Vegas Community Center, 250 N. Eastern Ave. / Stewart Ave.
Galleria at Sunset, EVENT TENT NEAR LA-Z-BOY FURNITURE GALLERIESParking Lot, 1300 W. Sunset Rd., East of N. Stephanie St.
Heritage Park Senior Facility, 300 S. Racetrack Rd. / Burkholder Blvd.
Hollywood Recreation Center, 1650 S. Hollywood Blvd., Between E. Sahara Ave. and E. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas Athletic Club North, EVENT TENTParking Lot, 6050 N. Decatur Blvd. / W. Tropical Pkwy.
Las Vegas Athletic Club Northwest, EVENT TENTParking Lot, 1725 N. Rainbow Blvd., South of Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas Strip Site at Pebble, EVENT TENTParking Lot, 8755 S. Las Vegas Blvd. / W. Pebble Rd.
Lowe’s Craig / Losee, EVENT TENTParking Lot, 2570 E. Craig Rd./ Losee Rd.
McCarran Marketplace, EVENT TENTParking Lot near Peter Piper Pizza, S. Eastern Ave. / E. Patrick Ave.
Meadows Mall, EVENT TENT NEAR DILLARD’S CLEARANCE CENTERParking Area Yellow 4, 4300 Meadows Ln. / S. Valley View Blvd.
Mountain Crest Community Center, 4701 N. Durango Dr., South of Lone Mountain Rd.
Mountain’s Edge Regional Park, EVENT TENTParking Lot, 7929 W. Mountain’s Edge Pkwy., East of S. Durango Dr.
Neighborhood Recreation Center, 1638 N. Bruce St. / North of E. Owens Ave.
LONG-TERM EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS WITH ADDRESSES/ CROSS STREETSHours for All Long-Term Early Voting Sites Are October 17-29 (Saturday-Thursday), 9am-7pm, and October 30 (Last Friday), 9am-Bpm
Nellis Crossing Shopping Center, EVENT TENTParking Lot Near Target, S. Nellis Blvd. / E. Charleston Blvd.
Paradise Community Center, 4775 S. McLeod Dr., North of E. Tropicana Ave.
Parkdale Recreation and Senior Center, 3200 Ferndale St., North of East Desert Inn Rd.
Silver Mesa Recreation Center, 4025 Allen Ln. / W. Alexander Rd.
Silver Springs Recreation Center, 1951 E. Silver Springs Pkwy., East of N. Green Valley Pkwy.
Silverado Ranch Plaza, EVENT TENTParking Lot Near PetsMart, S. Eastern Ave. / E. Silverado Ranch Blvd.
Veterans Memorial Leisure Center, 101 N. Pavilion Center Dr., North of Alta Dr.
Walnut Recreation Center, 3075 N. Walnut Rd., South of E. Cheyenne Ave.
West Flamingo Senior Center, 6255 W. Flamingo Rd. / S. Jones Blvd.
Whitney Community/ Recreation Center, 5712 Missouri Ave., West of Boulder Hwy.


Open for a Limited Number of Days During Early Voting

Short-Term Early Voting Locations with Addresses / Cross StreetsHours(Dates and Times Vary)
Boulder City, City Hall401 California Ave. / Arizona St.October 17-18 (Sat.-Sun.) 8am-6pmOctober 19-20 (Mon.-Tue.) 7am-6pm
CSN Henderson CampusStudent Union, 700 College Dr./ Heather Dr.
October 28-29 (Wed.-Thu.) 9am-4:30pm
CSN N. Las Vegas CampusTyrone Thompson Student Union 3200 E. Cheyenne Ave./ Campus Dr.
October 19-20 (Mon.-Tue.) 8am-6pm
CSN West Charleston Campus, Student Union6375 W. Charleston Blvd./ Community College Dr.
October 28-29 (Wed.-Thu.) 8am-6pm
Short-Term Early Voting Locations with Addresses / Cross StreetsHours(Dates and Times Vary)
Desert Vista Community Center10360 Sun City Blvd./ Thomas W. Ryan Blvd.
October 26-27 (Mon.-Tue.) 9am-7pm
Doolittle Senior Center1930 J St./ W. Lake Mead Blvd.
October 17-23 (Sat.-Fri.) 9am-7pm
Dr. William U. Pearson Community  Center, Room C1625 W. Carey  Ave., West  of  Martin Luther  King Blvd.October 24-29 (Sat.-Thu.) 9am-7pmOctober 30 (Fri.) 9am-8pm
Laughlin Library2840 S. Needles Hwy., LaughlinOctober 23-24 (Fri.-Sat.) 10am-6pmOctober 25 (Sun.) 11am-5pm
Mesquite Deuce 2 Building150 N. Yucca St., Mesquite
October 22-24 (Thu.-Sat.) 9am-7pm
Moapa Valley Community Center320 N. Moapa Valley Blvd., Overton
October 21 (Wed.) 9am-6pm
Mountain  Shadows  Community Center9107 Del Webb Blvd. /  Crown Ridge Dr.
October 20-22 (Tue.-Thu.) 9am-7pm
Nevada State College, Rogers Student Center1300 Nevada State Dr., Henderson
October 26-27 (Mon.-Tue.) 9am-4:30pm
Searchlight Community Center200 Michael Wendell Way, Searchlight
October 30 (Fri.) 9am-4pm
Sun City Anthem Center2450 Hampton Rd. / Anthem Pkwy.October 28-29 (Wed.-Thu.) 9am-7pmOctober 30 (Fri.) 9am-8pm
Sun City MacDonald Ranch Community Center2020 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. East of Green Valley Pkwy.
October 26-27 (Mon.-Tue.) 9am-7pm
Sun City Mesquite1350 Flat Top Mesa Dr., Mesquite
October 25 (Sun.) 9am-7pm
UNLV Lied LibraryE. Harmon Ave., East of University Center Dr.
October 21-23 (Wed.-Fri.) 8am-5pm

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