Current Nevada Car Seat Requirements

As of 2021, Nevada car seat law requires that the driver secure any child in a car seat when the child is under 60 pounds and under the age of six years old. In Nevada, children must have a car seat that is appropriate for their size. In addition, the car seat must be properly secured to the vehicle and installed properly. If you have any questions or concerns about whether your car seat is properly installed, any fire station in Las Vegas or Henderson will help you make sure the car seat is properly installed if you stop by. Once a child reaches the age of six years old or weighs 60 pounds, this rule no longer applies. The Silver State imposes penalties of a fine or community service for the first-time violation of non-use of a car seat against the driver. If you receive such a citation, you also have the option to undergo training and inspection of the car seat being installed to waive or reduce the amount of the penalty.

The use of car seats has saved countless children over the recent decades. The rate of motor vehicle crash deaths per million children younger than 13 is less than a quarter of it what it was in 1975. In fact, the rate at which children are killed as passengers in motor vehicle accident has decreased 60% since 1975.  Additionally, the rate at which children are killed as pedestrians and bicyclists is less than 1/10 of the 1975 rates. Our children are much safer now than when their parents were children. The use of seatbelts, car seats, airbags, bicycle helmets, and driver awareness has greatly protected our children over the past several decades. It is important to continue to bring these numbers down and to use all possible safety systems to protect our children from serious and even fatal injuries and accidents. Although it is governed by law, it is our most sacred duty to protect the children in our community. The use of proper restraints can save our children. In 2018, 193 children that were unrestrained or improperly restrained were killed in car accidents. Therefore, it is important that child safety restraints are properly installed and used at all times when children are riding as passengers. There should never be a moment where we are “just going to the store”, or “just running down the street”, where they are not used.  

The Difference Between A Booster Seat and A Car Seat

We have all seen the full car seat where the child has a five-point harness and then the smaller booster seat where it is really just like a child almost sitting on a stack of books. Although it is not required, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles still recommends the use of a booster seat until a child is at least eight years old or 80 pounds.  A standard seatbelt fits properly once the child reached 80 pounds and they will be protected while in the vehicle with a seat belt at that time. Small children are not secured properly with the use of only a seatbelt due to their size.  Some smaller children may require a booster seat up until the age of 12. Protecting our children is our most important and sacred duty as adults and it is important that we provide them every opportunity to remain safe in the event of an automobile collision.

Taxi Cabs in Las Vegas

Surprisingly, a car seat is not required to ride in a taxi cabs in Las Vegas. Nevada revise statute 484B. (7)(a) says that Nevada’s seatbelt laws do not apply to top public transportation. Such public transportation includes taxis, Ubers, Lyfts and buses. Therefore, it is a better idea not to use public transportation unless necessary with a child, or to bring a booster seat for your child’s safety even though it is not required by the law.

When Can Children Legally Ride in the Front Seat

In Nevada there is no law on the books that prevents a child from being in the front seat of a vehicle at any particular age. However, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles suggests that children should ride in the backseat until they are 12 years of age. They refer to the use of car seats and booster seats which are more safely used in the backseat of the vehicle.  But, under Nevada law, the driver can determine when it is safe for a child to sit in the front seat. Car seat laws still apply in that a child that if the child is six years of age or below or under 60 pounds, he or she needs to be in a car seat whether in the front or in the back.

Penalties for Non-Use of Car Seats.

In Nevada fines can range from $100 to up to $1000 for the driver’s failure to secure a child into a car seat. The first offense for failure to use a car seat is a fine of $100-$500 or 10 to 50 hours of community service. If it is a second offense the penalty can be from $500 to $1000. For first offenders of failure to use a car seat, a driver has the chance to complete a class regarding child seat education and safety and have their car seat inspected. If they bring such documentation of completion of the class and car seat inspection to the court, they can have the fine reduced. However, if you should be negligent enough to have a third offense of getting pulled over by a police officer and failing to have your child or a child in your vehicle secured in a car seat who is six years of age and below or 60 pounds or less, you could have your driver’s license suspended from 30 to 180 days. Protecting our children is a serious matter that should be taken seriously by all drivers and all those charged with the care of children. It is always a very difficult case for us to see children that have been injured. Their best chance at preventing catastrophic and even fatal injuries is to be well protected in a car seat. At, we have handled many accidents involving children over the years. Children that have been secured in the proper child restraint seat have generally suffered little to no injury in accidents where other passengers have sustained more serious injuries. We urge you to protect your children and use proper booster and car seats for all children who ride in your vehicle.

Limited Exemptions

Nevada car seat laws do provide some exemptions to the requirement.  This generally applies to children in wheelchairs who have a different form of restraint in the vehicle for the wheel char.  A child may be exempted from the requirement if use of a car seat creates danger to child.  However, to fall under this exemption, the driver must carry a signed statement from a doctor stating the child is exempt at all times to present to the officer. 

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