Wrongful Death Lawsuit Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – Aug. 25 – The family of a man killed in a fatal accident at the Golden Nugget Hotel is getting closer to potentially receiving compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

The accident happened almost six years ago, but it appears to be part of a bigger suit claiming that the resort never took steps to prevent such accidents. Edward Marcinkowski, 83, died from injuries suffered when his rental car drove through a concrete barrier and went over the ledge in Oct. 2004. Earlier that year, another 83-year-old driver and his 79-year-old wife died after their car plowed through a fourth-floor barrier in the garage, reports Fox 5 News, Las Vegas. In a third accident, the driver survived but was left dangling from the garage ledge.

Typically, for a family of the deceased to increase the likelihood of maximum settlement, it’s important to involve a personal injury attorney as early as possible so that necessary steps can be taken. The Golden Nugget case is drawing a lot of local and national attention and is a good example of how car accident attorneys Henderson and elsewhere in the Las Vegas valley can make a difference for the families even years after the accident.

The Law Offices of Laura Hunt are located in Henderson, Nevada and serve clients in Henderson and the greater Las Vegas area. Laura Hunt has a long history of representing clients injured in personal injury cases and the families of those who have been the victim of a wrongful death circumstance. Give us a call at (702) 450-4868 for more information.

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