Wrongful Death Laws In Nevada

On July 30th a 70-year-old man was crossing an intersection in a wheelchair when the driver of a Mini Cooper hit him. He was rushed to UMC and pronounced dead on arrival (Dylan Scott).

When situations like this occur, it’s wrongful death attorney Las Vegas lawyers like Laura Hunt are on call for the families of the deceased. For all we know, this man had a family who depends on him for their well-being. He could have children, grand children, a wife, and many other family members. When someone is tragically killed in an accident like this one, the responsible thing to do for the sake of all the family members and loved ones is to contact a lawyer and make sure that all the necessary steps are taken.

Although this accident is still under investigation, there is a good chance that the driver of the car is at least partially if not completely at-fault. If the driver is insured, their insurance company is then responsible to pay damages to the family members of the deceased. If a lawyer is not involved quickly and the necessary steps are taken to contact the insurance company, then the family of the deceased will likely not get what is rightfully theirs.

As tragic as situations like this are; they do happen. If you are put in a position like this, know the proper action to take. Contact a lawyer right away and make sure that your family is taken care of.

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