Who is the best Las Vegas car accident attorney?

No one ever leaves the house planning to get into a car accident. Driving is one of those tasks we perform several hundred times a year, and after a certain amount of time we get complacent and secure in our skill behind the wheel. But driving a car safely isn’t just about what you’re doing, but what the other drivers are doing as well. Even a routine run to the supermarket or to pick the kids up from school can take a frightening turn in an instant, resulting in damage to your vehicle, injury, or even death.

When you find yourself in this position, you need legal counsel you can rely on, even if you weren’t at fault. Insurance companies don’t stay in business by writing checks and will fight tooth and nail to undervalue the damage done to your vehicle and your life, so it’s important to have a Las Vegas car accident attorney with a proven track record and experience on your side.

Laura Hunt is an experienced car accident attorney. She has over 16 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies, and she began in the legal field defending them. She understands how insurance companies work and the strategies they employ, and brings that knowledge to every client she represents.

Many big-name law firms, according to the information on this page,  will refer your case to a junior attorney. You may never meet the lawyer whose name is on the letterhead. Laura Hunt operates differently. When you retain her firm, she is the attorney who represents you at every step, bringing her experience and knowledge directly to the courtroom and negotiations with the insurance companies.

You pay your premiums every month for auto insurance, as the law requires. The problem is that the insurance companies aren’t answerable to their policyholders, or to the people injured by their policyholders. Insurance companies exist to make money and answer to their shareholders, not you, and they use that money and influence to devalue your pain, suffering, and the disruption of your world.

Hopefully, you’ll never need an attorney because of a car accident. But if you do, you need the best, and Laura Hunt is the car accident lawyer Las Vegas knows and relies on. She brings her experience and knowledge of the insurance company to bear, taking care of you and making sure you get the maximum settlement to get your life back on track. She works for you, not the insurance company, and unlike some attorneys, she never forgets that.

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