What to Do When Involved In a Slip and Fall Accident

Hiring a mesquite tx slip and fall accident lawyer after you’re involved in a slip and fall accident can help you successfully bring a case against the liable party.

Steps to Take When Involved in Slip and Fall Accident

shutterstock_321697181Though not as common as other accidents, a slip and fall accident can be just as damaging to your health and well-being. If you slip and fall on a commercial establishment due to negligence by them, it’s possible that you are eligible to file a lawsuit against them. Understanding what a slip and fall accident is and what to do when you suffer from one will ensure that you’re able to successfully file a claim.

What a Slip and Fall Accident Entails

According to a personal injury attorney, accidents involving slips, falls or even trips can be brought to a judge if it’s determined that there was negligence on the part of a property or business owner that led to this accident. If repairs or maintenance haven’t been routinely applied to the property in question, and an accident results from this negligence, a claim can be made. These slip and fall cases are commonly referred to as premise liability cases and can occur because of a fall caused by liquids, unsafe conditions on a property or a similar reason.

What to Do When Involved in a Slip and Fall Accident

If you’re involved in this type of accident you should call a personal injury attorney to be your legal adviser, there are several steps you need to take immediately to ensure you get the end result you deserve. For one, avoid giving details about who is at fault. You also want to take down the information of any witness to the accident, as well as the names of owners of the property in question. Take pictures if you have the ability to and get medical attention if you are hurt. It’s also essential that you don’t give any statement to insurance adjusters. When it comes to injuries during work hours and at workplace, the Spring Hill workers compensation attorneys can help attain justice.

Determining Liability

In order for your claim to be successful, a judge will need to determine that the business owner or manager was liable for the accident. Liability depends primarily on state or local laws, so it’s not always easy to determine. This process can be better handled by a slip and fall attorney Las Vegas.

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