Unfair Insurance Companies

It seems like it’s impossible to find a lawyer who doesn’t overcharge, and still delivers impressive results. Most affordable lawyers lack experience, ambition, and relevant qualifications. It’s been said that, when it comes to lawyers – you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, often times people pay for the services of a big-name lawyer, and end up getting the services of someone else who is not nearly as qualified, talented, or dedicated.

Laura Hunt has made her name as one of the best personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Las Vegas. She not only has an incredible amount of experience in the courtroom, but she also spent years working for an insurance company. Her experiences in the insurance industry showed her how unfair insurance companies can be, so she decided to switch sides.

Laura has decided to focus her knowledge and skills on helping people who are injured in car accidents, and the survived of people who lose their lives in wrongful death circumstances.

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to pay people as little as possible, and Laura Hunt is here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Combining experience, care, and dedication, Laura Hunt provides the Las Vegas and Henderson area with the kind of excellent representation and pricing that you simply won’t get from Las Vegas car accident attorneys at the big law firms!

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