Things To Be Thankful For Today

Sometimes, it is easier to dwell on what we are missing , rather than what we have. During this Holiday with family, especially after the past year, take time out and remember all of the things to be thankful for instead of the things that cause us stress every day. Take time to reflect on the things that bring you joy to your life. I am grateful for so many this Thanksgiving. I urge my readers to make  your own list of ten things you are grateful for. When we really focus on  how many things each day make our life better, it brings a smile to your face. It fills your heart with joy instead of the stress and anxiety plaguing our days. 

Here are thirty things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, and I hope my list inspires you to choose gratitude this Holiday: 

1. Children

I am more grateful than words can say  watching my sons celebrate, laugh, and thrive each day. 

2.  Good Health

I am thankful for my health every day. 

3. Dear Friends to Share Holidays

I am so grateful for the friends and family in my life to celebrate every occasion with all year. 

4. Fuzzy Socks

On a chilly day, there is nothing is better then fuzzy socks or a warm jacket.

5. Airplanes

I am grateful for Air travel to see friends and family all over the country. 

6. Time Off from Work

There is something magical about weekends and time away from the office.

7. My Dog

Pets bring us of unconditional love and joy.

8. Love

Without the ability to love, life would be sad and lonely.

9. Modern Utilities

I am so fortunate to live in a modern time with power, water, sewer, cable, wi-fi make to make life easier. 

10. Freedom of Speech and our Constitution

Being able to express your thoughts and feelings freely should never be taken for granted.

11. Automobiles

I cannot imagine living in a time when you could jump in your car and drive too anywhere!

12. The Education I have received.

The opportunity to attend school is something people, especially women,  don’t have in many countries and I am grateful for the training and educations I have received to allow me to help injured people and fight injustice.⌄ 

13. Having a Cozy  Home

No matter where you live, having a place to call home is something to be thankful for.

14. Fresh Air

I am grateful to live in a beautiful country working toward protecting the environment so we can continue to step outside and take a deep  breathe. 

15. A Bed to Sleep

Watching the heart wrenching plight of so many refugees around the world, I am grateful for my clean and cozy bed every night. 

16. National Security

I am grateful to wake up feeling safe thanks to our women and men in uniform.

17. The Light of Sunshine

The sun’s glow brings a warmth and light to our world every day. 

18. Clean Water

So many people on earth lack access to clean water and I am grateful to turn on a hot shower every morning.

19. Cell Phones

They give us a freedom from our desks and offices to allow us to live and work each day. 

20. Art

The world would be less beautiful if art did not exist.

21. Rainbows

The beauty of a rainbow is a gift of nature. 

22. Waking up Today

Simply waking up today to exciting potential is something we should all be grateful for.

23. Baseball 

Whatever your favorite sport, be great for the thrill of watching and playing the game. 

24. Great Teachers 

Whether it is your grandmother teaching you to cook or a great teacher, be grateful the sharing of wisdom and talents. 

25.  Air Conditioning in the Desert

Staying cool on a hot Vegas  day is something people would not have dreamed about in decades past

26. Grocery Stores

We live a country we can get anything for our table.

27. Sunsets and Oceans

Sunsets and the sound of the waves are simple gifts of joy. 

28. Entertainment

Music and Movies to enjoy.

29. Freedom to Express Ourselves

The ability to choose our own clothing, and words should never be taken for granted.

30.  Having a Great Practice

I am grateful for the amazing clients I have the privilege of  fighting for every day.

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