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Settling Truck Accident Lawsuits

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Avoiding Semi-Truck Accidents

Driving can be dangerous and an accident with a semi-truck is one of the worst and most deadly vehicle related incidents. Avoiding this type of accident should be a high priority for all drivers. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting into an accident with a semi-truck.

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Avoid the Blind Spots

All semi-trucks have blind spots, which are very dangerous for other drivers. These blind spots are very large and can make it very dangerous when you’re trying to drive around these vehicles. About 30% of all semi-truck accidents start because of a car driving in the blind spot of the semi.

Any car accident attorney in Las Vegas will tell you, semi-truck accidents are the worst. They will also tell you that they’ve encountered many cases with a car driving in the blind spot of a truck. Respect the driver and if you can’t see the truck’s side mirrors, they likely cannot see you.

Provide Some Distance for Semi-Trucks

When driving on the highway and in adverse conditions, make sure you give trucks plenty of room to stop, maneuver and turn. You shall get more information in this source about how to do so. Don’t cut trucks off to get to an exit or a turn. Instead, drive safely and take your time, as one false move could cause the truck to slip and turn the roadway into a scene from a horror movie.

Stay Alert

Even when you’re not around semi-trucks, you should stay alert at all times when behind the wheel. It’s important to be very alert around larger vehicles, as they operate differently than a passenger car or SUV. Be ready for anything to happen and keep space in the other lane or on the shoulder in case you need to move over quickly.

Don’t Pass Semi-Trucks When they are Turning

When a semi-truck is turning, it will be moving very slowly, making it tempting to pass. However, this can cause serious issues and could cause an accident. When a semi-truck is making a wide turn, wait and let the truck finish before you move on.

Don’t Change Lanes Abruptly

Anytime you cut off a vehicle, you could cause an accident. However, with a semi-truck, it can be much worse. Trucks cannot stop as quickly as other vehicles and require more distance to brake. You should never cut off a semi-truck, no matter what type of hurry you are in.

Avoiding accidents with semi-trucks is very important. These accidents can be deadly and in many cases, can be prevented. Use these tips and practice defensive driving to help keep these accidents to a minimum.