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40 Simple Ways To Be Grateful Everyday

Ok readers, it’s time for the news year’s resolutions and yes, I always make them. But this year has brought profound stress and turmoil to all of our live and we are all desperate to put behind us. Through the profound changes we have all endured, we have been forced to look inside ourselves and find purpose and drive in this life. For 2022, I resolve to practice Gratitude daily. Indeed,  I am putting my new year’s resolution in the public domain. Gratitude is such a potent emotion, one that can bring joy into your life and make your life more rewarding  in many ways. There have been many days that watching the news and living in this new life has made us feel depressed or created feelings of doubt. After everything we have all been through in the past two years, I think we are all yearning for the daily feelings of happiness that hard work and kindness can bring back to our lives. When you are feeling grateful for the positives in your life, it is easier not to dwell on the stresses and better cope with those situations. 

In fact, I resolve to keep a gratitude journal to record one thing I was grateful for every week of 2022. Every day just seems like a resolution that will be unrealistic to keep in a journal aka the notes in my iphone. However, I will do my best to take 30 seconds each day to recognize one thing that I am grateful for. I am grateful for so many things including my family, my clients, my dog, my home, my co-workers, my health, and each day there is always a reason to be grateful. Hopefully, I will be able to share many of them in my final blog of 2022 which seems so far away but will be here in a flash. 

In a study by Emmons & McCullough . 2003, their research showed “there were a multitude of benefits from keeping a gratitude journal. A simple notebook where you write down daily what you are grateful for. The study showed that the people who kept a journal exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic. It also showed that people who kept the journal were more likely to make progress towards their goals.”  “Overall, there was a greater sense of feeling connected to others, a, more optimistic view towards life and better sleep quality, relative to a control group.” https://emmons.faculty.ucdavis.edu/gratitude-and-well-being/ 

I hope you will follow with me in  this journey for 2022, even if by simply reflecting on something you are grateful for each day. In addition, there are many resources on the internet if you choose a more formal process as well as many apps for your phone. For suggestions on keeping a gratitude journal, this article has some great ideas. https://www.lifehack.org/794635/gratitude-journal. 

Here are 40 simple ways to make gratitude a part of everyday.

  1. Keep a list of things you are grateful for in your phone; 
  2. Add to your list regularly;
  3. Download one of the many gratitude apps;
  4. Tell your co-workers or family how much you appreciate them;
  5. Look at the beauty in nature around your area one morning; 
  6. Make time for your friendships;
  7. Force a big smile for things that bring joy;
  8. View inspiring videos of kindness;
  9. Include an act of kindness in your day;
  10. Avoid overwhelming  negative media;
  11. Call your family or friends;
  12. Enjoy that cup of coffee;
  13. Don’t speak badly about people for no reason;
  14. Spend quality time with your family, even just a chat or a meal;
  15. Compliment a random stranger for a nice outfit;
  16. Send an email to someone you have not seen in a while and tell them something nice;
  17. Make positive comments, not negative, on social media;
  18. When you think a negative thought, turn to a positive;
  19. If you find yourself complaining, think about how you can improve that issue;
  20. Verbally acknowledge when someone does a good job;
  21. Do something nice for someone;
  22. Meditate with positive thoughts;
  23. Live mindfully, check out this great resource to help;
  24. Thank the people who help you at the bank, the store, etc.;
  25. Thank your loved ones for the little things they do even when they leave dishes behind; 
  26. Hang pictures with positive quotes and images around your space;
  27. Check on your elderly neighbor and see if they need anything you can do for then;
  28. Call your family or friend or significant other and tell them you love them;
  29. Embrace challenges of your day and see them as opportunities to grow; 
  30. Do not let the people you dislike bring a negative energy to your environment;
  31. Be thankful when you discover something new;
  32. See mistakes as a growth opportunity in your life a career to learn from going forward;
  33. Help the people around you see the positive side to life;
  34. When times are difficult, focus on resolution and not feeling doomed by the situation; 
  35. Take time to notice the needs of others and help if you are able; 
  36. Make gratitude a part of family life and share it with each other during the times you are together.
  37. Practice gratitude every day so it becomes your mindset and not a chore; 
  38. Focus on your strengths every day and how they will help you problem solve;
  39. Share your gratitude with family and friends and those around you;
  40. Share gratitude with other by posting a tweet, Facebook post or Instagram; 

It is important for all of us to be the change we want to see in the world by making gratitude a part of each day. If we all practice gratitude more regularly, the world will be a kinder place. Each of my blogs will contain something I am grateful for and at this time next year, they will be listed. I hope that you will also have a long list by the end of 2022. I hope that by reflecting on gratitude, I will find the positive of everyday, even the days that are stressful at the court and adversarial with the insurance companies. We fight hard with this companies for our clients everyday and we are grateful you have chosen TheOneLawyer.com to fight your you and your family after a car accident and help you recover for the injuries sustained in that car accident. 

At TheOneLawyer.com, we are here to serve our community and provide legal services in the Henderson and Las Vegas area and we are grateful for this opportunity. We are a boutique law firm providing experienced and personal representation to injured clients. At the Law Offices of Laura Payne, Esq. TheOneLawyer.com we provide professional and personal service to each and every one of our clients on various legal matters and have over 15 years of experience in reviewing insurance policies and in Nevada insurance law. If you have a question regarding any type of personal injury or paying your medical bills from an accident, please do not hesitate to call the offices of TheOneLawyer.com and speak directly to attorney Laura Marie Payne,  Esq. a Henderson Injury Attorney for over 15 years. Laura is recognized as one of Nevada’s Top 100 Lawyers. She has the experience and knowledge to obtain the maximum settlement you deserve. Please call our office if you or a loved one is injured. We can make sure that you receive the care you need and deserve and advise on how to preserve evidence. 

At our office, we are experienced in helping injured victims get the compensation they are entitled to. Insurance companies never have the best interest of the injured person at the top of their priorities. They want to pay as little on every claim as possible. Having worked for an insurance company as an attorney for 9 years before opening my boutique law firm specializing in helping injured people, I have reviewed thousands of auto accident claims and policy provisions. 

At the Henderson and Las Vegas Accident injury law offices of TheOneLawyer.com, Laura Payne, Esq. and her staff are here to help you and your family in the event that accidents and tragedies occur. For any of your legal needs, do not hesitate to contact our Henderson and Las Vegas Accident injury offices. TheOneLawyer.com is a boutique, family-owned law firm that specializes in helping injured people and the community of Las Vegas and Henderson Nevada with legal issues involving auto accidents, wrongful deaths, slip and falls, truck accidents, injuries to children, bicycle accidents, dog bites, product liability claims, and all types of injury claims. Please do not hesitate to call us anytime you have a legal question or you or a loved one has sustained an injury at 702-450-4868 and text 24/7 at 702-600-0032. 

Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas Accident Attorney and an Insurance Company Fighter

Laura Hunt of Hunt Law Offices is a Las Vegas Accident Attorney and an Insurance Company Fighter.  It wasn’t always that way.  In fact, she used to work for an insurance company, one of the leading in the nation that will remain nameless here.  But Laura Hunt had a change of heart.  She realized how the insurance companies operate.  She realized that those companies didn’t care about anybody, or anything, except for their bottom line.  And now she wants to take the experience that she has gained  and use it to benefit the common man and woman.

According to her biography, she established the company herself to deal with insurance companies.  It is her way of giving back to the community and provide them with adequate representation.  She really cares about the people and wants to make sure that the regular people get a fair shot.  Her years in the insurance industry taught her how to fight them at their own game.  As the saying goes, sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.  Call Laura Hunt of Hunt Law Offices when you need a reliable person to fight for your rights!

Example of why Las Vegas Accident Lawyer, Laura Hunt is an important Commodity

So a couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Internet for local news, and I saw the headline – “2 Vehicle Crash Injures 3 Teens, 2 others”. I couldn’t help but think what I would do if I was in that situation. Or even worse; what would I do if one of the victims were my child?

As I read further in the article, it became apparent that there was one party that was clearly at fault. An SUV had run a red light at 1 a.m. and smashed in to a much smaller, 2-door sports car. Luckily no one was killed, but everyone involved had fairly significant injuries. In this situation, it is extremely important to contact a Las Vegas accident lawyer as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, in situations like the one I read about, if you wait too long to pursue compensation from the at-fault-party’s insurance company, it can completely destroy you chances of getting the money you deserve. You always hear the big law firm commercials saying, “The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner we can get your money”, or something along these lines. It seems almost cliché at this point – but it’s true.

Insurance companies are very crafty. They have found loopholes through which they can escape some of their explicit responsibilities. Once they are in a position to pay out money, they do everything they can to avoid it. That’s why it is extremely crucial to have Las Vegas accident lawyer on your side who knows how the insurance companies operate, and know how to get you the money you deserve.

I work for The Law Offices of Laura Hunt, and every day we help people who have been injured in car wrecks get the appropriate amount of money from insurance companies. I see first-hand how professional and caring Laura Hunt is, and how much more of a service she provides her clients than the big law firms around town. Laura Hunt is the best at what she does, and I know this because I see it every day.

Las Vegas Accident Attorney Laura Hunt becoming Las Vegas/Henderson’s best choice for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Representation

So, as someone who does work for a personal injury law firm, I find myself wondering where I would go if I was injured in a car accident. It’s something that I don’t particularly like to think about, but I live in Las Vegas, and I feel like I need to buckle up, pray, and drink an energy drink just to take on the freeways every day. Let’s face it – accidents happen, and it’s extremely important to have a Las Vegas accident attorney you can turn to if you’re injured in one.

In Las Vegas there are several big law firms that constantly run commercials on TV, radio, and have billboards all over town. I have friends who have been injured in car wrecks, and they all chose to contact the law firms with the catchy jingles and easy-to-remember phone numbers. They all came back with a similar verdict: horrible service, had a lawyer they’d never heard of, never met the lawyer from the ads, and didn’t get anywhere near the money they should have. This frustrates me, but it also scares me. It made me think even more – if I’m injured in a car wreck, who do I call?

The Law Offices of Laura Hunt is a very unique law firm that serves residents of the Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada area. Laura worked on the side of the insurance companies for years, and finally decided she was sick of seeing people mistreated and misrepresented. That is why she decided to start anew, switching sides to become a Las Vegas Accident Attorney, and help people fight the insurance companies and get the compensation they deserve when they are injured in an accident.

When you’re injured in a car wreck, it immediately becomes the insurance comapanies goal to pay you as little as possible. Laura Hunt knows this, and she also knows how to stop this from happening. When you are represented by the Law Offices of Laura Hunt, you are actually respresented by Laura herself. You don’t get some cut-rate beginner who has no courtroom experience; you get an expert who not only has years of experience representing personal injury clients, but also has years of experience working for insurance companies. Laura has helped a number of clients in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, and she continues to help new clients every day.