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The Use of Handheld Devices Behind the Wheel in 2012

Mobile-phone use is more common among drivers in the 16 to 24 age group. Female drivers are more frequently seen text messaging or using hand-held devices.

2012 Data on Mobile Device Use While Driving

In February 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that a National Occupant Protection Use Survey found 1.5 percent of drivers were texting or visibly using mobile devices in 2012. Although not a significant difference, 1.3 percent of drivers participated in these activities in 2011. Overall mobile phone use among drivers remained relatively the same in 2012 at 5 percent.

Holding Cellphones to Ears

The 5 percent of drivers to hold mobile phones to their ears while driving in 2012 means that these drivers were operating about 660,000 vehicles in daylight. Drivers who were the most likely to do this were between the ages of 16 and 24, at 6 percent. By comparison, 5 percent of drivers between 25 and 69 did, and 1 percent of drivers age 70 and older did. Additionally, female drivers were more likely to use cellphones than male drivers.

Visibly Using Electronic Devices

The NOPUS also found that drivers between 16 and 24 were much more likely to be seen using hand-held devices behind the wheel than those in other age groups. Only 1.4 percent of drivers between 25 and 69 visibly used mobile devices, while almost no drivers age 70 and older did. Female drivers were nearly twice as likely to be seen using electronic devices as male drivers.

Nevada Law

Nevada bans the use of mobile phones while driving, including talking and text messaging. Authorities have the power to write drivers tickets solely for talking or texting on hand-held phones. Drivers who cause car accidents because of this are likely to be cited. If people are injured, the victims may reach out to an auto accident lawyer in Henderson for help seeking compensation.

Avoid a Texting Related Car Crash: 5 Awesome Phone Mounts

Any car crash lawyer can tell you – you don’t want to be the one responsible for causing an accident involving your cell phone. Check out these cool hands-free mounts that will help you keep your eyes on the road.

1. Windshield Mount

If you’re using your GPS from Forum Direct, stick it right on the windshield where you can easily see both the road and your navigation. Most of these mounts can also be used on the dashboard, in case you have a giant tablet style phone.

2. Cup Holder Mount

So, what if you have a giant phone and you need all your dashboard space for dancing hoola girls or bobble heads? Convert your cup holder into a cell phone mount.

3. Charger Mount

Consider a mounting system that does double-duty. Keep your phone charged while driving more safely.

4.  Handlebar Mount

Not all car accidents involve other cars. Phone safety applies to bikers, too.

5. Stereo Mount

Control your stereo, GPS, and take phone calls from the same place.

Using a Stereo Mount in Your Car

Source: bigexclusive.com via Nathan on Pinterest

Use these gadgets to stay safe on the road, and remember to resist the temptation to text!

Where do you keep your phone when you drive? Share your answer below!

Texting & Driving – Advice from Henderson Accident Attorney

In addition, to texting and driving, Laura Hunt, Henderson accident attorney, also sees changing music on iPods and other MP3 music devices an increasingly large factor in many minor as well as fatal car accidents.  While plenty of drivers have gotten themselves in the habit of texting and driving, many have also distracted themselves with their music.  Common reasons why not only teens and adolescents but adults as well find themselves in a car accident include changing the volume, finding a new song, or even trying to pick up a dropped iPod while driving.  It may only take a second, but in that second of distraction you can easily hit another car, run a stop sign or red light, or hit a pedestrian.  All of these worst case scenarios are terrifying events in a person’s life, so eliminating such distractions are important.

henderson accident attorney

Start by choosing your music selection before you start driving.  Make a playlist of all the songs you enjoy driving to in order to avoid changing songs frequently while driving.  Also set your desired volume before you begin driving.  An interesting fact, however, is that studies show drivers who listen to more upbeat and fast tempo music are more likely to get an a car accident, so choose your music accordingly.  Don’t pick songs that are so upbeat and fast you’ll easily be distracted by your temptation to dance and sing along, but also don’t pick songs that are so mellow and calming you may fall asleep.

If you or anyone close to you is involved in a car accident related to cell phone or iPod use, make sure to contact Laura Hunt, the best lawyer for car accident Henderson, Nevada residents trust most.  Laura has over 16 years of legal experience and can help alleviate all headaches and stress of a lawsuit regarding car accidents and pedestrians.  Only the best can come from working with Laura, and if your suit involves a court appearance, she will help you fight your case until it is settled.  Laura has also spent years of her career working as an insurance defense attorney, so anything insurance companies try and throw your way she will be able to handle and combat without intimidation professionally and calmly.  There is a reason Laura Hunt is considered one of the top Henderson accident lawyer in the greater Las Vegas area.

If you find yourself in the middle of a car accident lawsuit, don’t dig yourself into a hole with legal papers and court dates without working with an auto accident lawyer; work with Laura Hunt to ensure your case is settled and won. If you are personally injured by a car accident involving cell phone and music device use, contact Laura Hunt today as she is truly the best Henderson lawyer for car accident to work with.  Call today at (702)-450-HUNT for a free consultation.