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SUV vs. Small Passenger Vehicle Safety

Over the past decade, the roadways have been flooded with large SUVs and trucks. They have become very popular rides because of the amount of space they provide, compared to a car or another type of smaller vehicle.

Families often get an SUV instead of a mini-van because they appear to be a cooler choice for mom and dad. However, there is a myth about the safety of SUVs compared to other vehicles on the road. Are they really safer than a small passenger vehicle?

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Larger Doesn’t Equal Safer

You’ve probably had a friend or colleague tell you that they choose an SUV because its larger size makes it safer. However, any car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can tell you there are just as many accidents with injuries and fatalities from SUVs as in small passenger cars.

The reality is that a larger vehicle with passengers riding higher is not safer than a car. They can actually pose a greater danger for the driver than in a smaller vehicle.

Statistics Back it Up

Even though many drivers believe an SUV is safer when involved in a car accident, the numbers prove them wrong. SUV passengers actually have a slightly higher rate of fatality during an accident than passengers of smaller cars.

Along with fatalities being a bit higher, SUVs are more susceptible to rollover accidents than small passenger vehicles. Over 10,000 individuals are killed every year as a result of rollover accidents in the United States, and about 300,000 rollover accidents are reported every year.

Inexperienced drivers are more likely to rollover in an SUV than an experienced driver, but it can happen to anyone behind the wheel. Federal research has shown that over 90% of the rollover accidents in the United States have been initiated by what is known as “tripping.” This is when a vehicle strikes a curb, lower riding vehicle or a guard rail and flips over. It’s also possible when one side of the SUV passes over gravel or a soft road condition.

Severe Injuries from SUV Accidents

SUV accidents have been known to cause severe injuries. Car accident attorneys in Las Vegas and around the United States handle these types of accident cases on a regular basis. Sometimes, the injuries sustained from this type of accident are permanent.

If you’ve been involved in an SUV accident, it’s important to have a skilled attorney on your side with experience in these types of cases. Without the right Las Vegas car accident attorney, you may not be fully compensated for the injuries you’ve sustained.