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What to Do When Involved In a Slip and Fall Accident

Hiring a mesquite tx slip and fall accident lawyer after you’re involved in a slip and fall accident can help you successfully bring a case against the liable party. Continue reading

Reach Out for Legal Assistance for Your Slip and Fall Injury

When you use public property or when you’re in your work place, you have the right to expect safety and trust the authorities responsible for that property are looking out for your safety. Continue reading

Slip and Falls in a Las Vegas Hotel

Victims of a slip and fall at a Las Vegas hotel or casino could be entitled to compensation, especially if the incident results in a serious injury.

Your Rights Pertaining to Las Vegas Hotel Slips and Falls

When you visit the city of Las Vegas, you may be attracted to the excitement, glitz, and glamour, like most tourists that flock to the many hotels and casinos to enjoy the entertainment and attractions. What you don’t expect is for a daytime outing or a night on the town to take a turn for the worse when you suffer from an unexpected slip or fall in one of the hotels. If this accident leads to a serious injury, you could be entitled to compensation for the damages you suffer due to the personal injury, which is why you should know your rights.

Holding the Hotel or Casino Accountable

If you have suffered from as slip and fall at one of the Las Vegas hotels, you will need to hold that venue accountable for its negligence. Perhaps you fell and injured yourself on a puddle of water while waiting in the buffet line, or maybe a construction area outside of the hotel was not sectioned off probably, or you could have tripped on an uneven floor surface. Regardless of how the accident occurred, you could be entitled to compensation for:

• Medical expenses
• Wage loss
• Pain and suffering
• Mental and emotional damages

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are various types of slips and falls that could lead to serious injuries, which you may be entitled to compensation for. This includes:

• Damaged railing and stairs
• Wet or slippery floors
• Loose carpet
• Sidewalks or floors that are uneven
• Faulty escalators or elevators
• Dangerous or hazardous construction zones

Issues With Hotel or Casino Slip and Fall Cases

Even though you have slip and fall rights, you will need to prove that the Las Vegas hotel is liable for the incident. Establishing fault is one of the most essential parts of your case. This means that you will need to prove that the casino or hotel knew about the hazard and failed to fix the issue in a timely manner. However, if the venue was not aware of the hazard, you must prove how they should have known about the issue. One can go on USGamblingSites.com and gamble from the comfort pf their homes to avoid such instances.

Get the Legal Representation That you Need

Nevada laws place a lot of the responsibility on pedestrians, which can also be a challenge when fighting for your rights. However, an established slip and fall attorney Las Vegas can help you face this challenge. When you schedule your free consultation with the Law Offices of Laura Hunt, you are taking the first step in acquiring experienced representation that provides caring service and proven results. Our firm has spent years taking on slip and fall cases that many Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have turned down.

Call today and get the legal representation that you need!

Protect Your Rights After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you’re a victim of a Slip & Fall accident, you can benefit from understanding your legal rights and discovering whether you can hold those responsible accountable.

Protect Yourself and Gain Compensation

If you’ve had a fall due to the neglect of another individual or organization, rest assured you have options. Every state has laws in place to support people like you and give you the opportunity to gain compensation and hold those responsible accountable. Visit a slip and fall attorney and investigate your possibilities.

Learn About Slip and Fall Injuries

Sometimes, you can get up and walk away from a slip and fall accident, but at other times you can find yourself with a serious injury that takes months to heal. While you are healing, you can hire The Law Offices of Thomas J. Lavin in White Plains, NY. The most common ways slip and fall accidents occur are inadequate warning of slippery surfaces and debris. Each case is unique and depends on the specific condition of the place. Even if it seems like a clear-cut case to you, it takes a thorough investigation to prove the owner of the premises knowingly allowed a dangerous situation to occur and did nothing to remedy it.

Legal Assistance Can Make a Positive Difference to Your Case

Property owners are not always responsible for every dangerous situation on their property. A lawyer can help you identify whether the owner should have known and prevented the situation that caused you to fall. Maybe your injury happened outdoors due to inadequate lighting or hidden hazards, or indoors due to a lack warning signs, worn and broken flooring, or an inadequately maintained star case. Whatever your situation, it is to your benefit to seek legal counsel before evidence is lost and eye witnesses forget valuable information.

Seek Legal Assistance

Getting legal representation will protect you and let you know whether you can make a claim for compensation. Take advantage of the laws in place to protect you and meet with a Las Vegas slip and fall attorney. At the very least, you can be at peace knowing your legal options.

Important Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall

The events after a slip-and-fall accident won’t be as confusing if you have legal representation for your case.

The Importance of Legal Representation After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

There is no question that, after an accident that causes an injury, life can seem hard. Just dealing with the pain itself can take time and an emotional toll on everyone involved. Asking for legal help is important in sorting the situation out with success.

The Severity of Your Accident

These types of situations can be serious. Slip and fall accidents are the number one reason for emergency room visits and the number one cause of traumatic brain injuries. It is the second leading cause of accident related fatalities. If it has happened to you or a family member, there are slip and fall attorneys in Las Vegas and all over the country who can assist.

Hiring a Lawyer

Other parties involved and insurance companies can be difficult to deal with when trying to smooth out the bumps in your case. Given the nature of the situation, most aren’t in the mood to handle these people themselves anyway. Partnering with a lawyer can make the process feel easier from the start.

Begin by contacting an attorney and providing the truthful version of the event. Your representation will need all the honest facts and details of what happened. It is important that they receive the truest form of your experience in order to obtain the highest level of results for the case.

Ensuring an Ideal Outcome

Always provide your lawyer with everything they need. Making everything promptly available to them will limit delays on your part. Trust that they have your best interest at heart and listen to their advice within reason. They want to succeed as well. Then perform all duties necessary to bring the case to the most positive outcome possible. The rest is up to them.

Determining Premises Liability in Las Vegas

Premises liability is a legal term that refers to specific injuries or accidents that occur on a homeowner or renter’s property lines.

Understanding Who Is Responsible in Premises Liability

If you are a homeowner or a non-owner resident, it is your legal responsibility to ensure that the environment of your premises is as safe as possible. It might be difficult to understand who is responsible if an accident occurs on a property whether it is a guest or a package deliverer who slips and falls on an icy driveway.

What “Premises Liability” Encompasses

This area of law is referred to as “premises liability” and essentially holds property owners or residents liable if an accident or injury occurs on their property. The type of incident that occurs can range from an individual tripping over a toy that has been left on the lawn to a child getting hurt while playing on equipment in a public park. Not every injury or accident that happens falls under premises liability. If a man trips and injures his knee while walking on a public sidewalk and it is discovered that he was intoxicated during the time of the injury, it is probable that the city would not be held responsible.

Factors Courts Might Take Into Consideration

Whenever a court is assessing a premises liability case, they will most likely take specific factors into consideration, such as the overall condition of the property and the extent of the injuries that were suffered. They might also consider whether the homeowner reasonably attempted to repair a dangerous condition or to warn visitors, or what the specific reasons were that the visitor entered the property in the first place.

Premises Liability May Differ by State

Deeming who is responsible under premises liability laws may be hard to determine without an expert opinion, especially since each state operates under different rules and might approach the matter in varying ways. For example, if a person from Texas slips while walking through a department store where an employee has just mopped but neglected to display the wet floor sign, the case might be handled completely different than if a child trips over debris left from a construction site on a public sidewalk in Nevada. In this specific scenario, a slip and fall attorney in Las Vegas would be able to explain what options are available to the child’s parents in order to receive the appropriate medical treatment.

Premises Liability and the Open and Obvious Clause

When someone slips and falls at your home or place of business, figuring out who is liable can be tricky. The open and obvious clause was overruled by the Nevada Supreme Court in 2013.

Premises Liability and the Open and Obvious Clause

Slip and fall cases are lawsuits filed against a business when a customer has slipped and fallen on the grounds of their property and been injured. These cases can quickly get complicated, which is why you should consult a Las Vegas slip and fall attorney before filing your claim.

What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the basic understanding that a business or homeowner is responsible for keeping their property safe from injury-causing hazards. This can include a ripple in the carpet, a loose tile or accumulated snow and ice that has not been properly removed. It can even be something as simple as spilled water that was not cleaned up before someone slipped and was injured.

Who Is at Fault?

It can be difficult to determine fault in a premises liability case. It is true that home and business owners are responsible for keeping their facilities accident-free. However, it is also reasonable that customers and visitors should take basic precautions no matter where they are. To prove that the home or business owner is at fault, the plaintiff must prove that they knew about the condition and did not take proper steps to take care of it. A snowstorm that brings three feet of snow may take a business owner by surprise, and they may not get their sidewalk shoveled before customers arrive. If the storm was three days ago, however, they have had a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem.

Open and Obvious Clause

In 2013, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled on the open and obvious clause in Foster vs. Costco. The defendant argued that the fall and subsequent injury was caused by a hazard that was “open and obvious,” and therefore the fault was with the plaintiff, not the defendant. The Supreme Court ruled that a landowner is not free from the duty of reasonable care, even if a hazard is considered “open and obvious.”