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Avoid a Texting Related Car Crash: 5 Awesome Phone Mounts

Any car crash lawyer can tell you – you don’t want to be the one responsible for causing an accident involving your cell phone. Check out these cool hands-free mounts that will help you keep your eyes on the road.

1. Windshield Mount

If you’re using your GPS from Forum Direct, stick it right on the windshield where you can easily see both the road and your navigation. Most of these mounts can also be used on the dashboard, in case you have a giant tablet style phone.

2. Cup Holder Mount

So, what if you have a giant phone and you need all your dashboard space for dancing hoola girls or bobble heads? Convert your cup holder into a cell phone mount.

3. Charger Mount

Consider a mounting system that does double-duty. Keep your phone charged while driving more safely.

4.  Handlebar Mount

Not all car accidents involve other cars. Phone safety applies to bikers, too.

5. Stereo Mount

Control your stereo, GPS, and take phone calls from the same place.

Using a Stereo Mount in Your Car

Source: bigexclusive.com via Nathan on Pinterest

Use these gadgets to stay safe on the road, and remember to resist the temptation to text!

Where do you keep your phone when you drive? Share your answer below!