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Experienced Las Vegas Accident Attorney Knows from Experience

Henderson Accident Attorney

Henderson Accident Attorney

Laura Hunt Law, our experienced law firm, meets the needs of those that have been seriously injured and are feeling the heavy weight of medical bills and/or the insurance company. Having many years of experience representing insurance companies, we have everything it takes, both the knowledge and the track record of success, to diligently pursue your rights.Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Laura Hunt, Henderson Accident Attorney, will speak with you directly during your first consultation. You will be speaking with her personally throughout your case. Neither paralegals, nor secretaries will be running your case. Laura Hunt is driven by helping each client individually and making sure that they are professionally represented.

Las Vegas Accident Attorney, Laura Hunt, used to work for a leading insurance company and learned about the ridiculous profits they were making at the expense of the injured. “I established this law firm to help people deal with insurance companies. If you are injured in an accident or you have a loved one who was killed in an accident, you need someone on your side with experience and knowledge to handle your claim.” Having a knowledgeable expert in the world of insurance makes the difference. Visit our website, Laura looks forward to speaking with you.

Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas Accident Attorney and an Insurance Company Fighter

Laura Hunt of Hunt Law Offices is a Las Vegas Accident Attorney and an Insurance Company Fighter.  It wasn’t always that way.  In fact, she used to work for an insurance company, one of the leading in the nation that will remain nameless here.  But Laura Hunt had a change of heart.  She realized how the insurance companies operate.  She realized that those companies didn’t care about anybody, or anything, except for their bottom line.  And now she wants to take the experience that she has gained  and use it to benefit the common man and woman.

According to her biography, she established the company herself to deal with insurance companies.  It is her way of giving back to the community and provide them with adequate representation.  She really cares about the people and wants to make sure that the regular people get a fair shot.  Her years in the insurance industry taught her how to fight them at their own game.  As the saying goes, sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.  Call Laura Hunt of Hunt Law Offices when you need a reliable person to fight for your rights!

Fatality crashes are on the rise-Henderson Accident Attorney Laura Hunt of Hunt Law offices is here to help you!

As if there weren’t already more than enough death on our roads, you may have seen recent reports that fatal crashes are actually on the rise in Nevada.  Perhaps you have seen the aftermaths of such accidents driving on the freeways around Las Vegas. Perhaps you have even lost someone in such accidents that seem so common on Vegas roads.  These are tragedies we don’t like thinking about, but they are also, very sadly, an almost daily occurrence in the state of Nevada.

The feelings of despair, loss, and even anger are very common.  The surviving family members in this situation should rightfully seek that justice is done.  In those emotionally stressful times they will want representation from a lawyer who is not only compassionate of those emotional dynamics, but who also has the experience and expertise to see the process through to a positive end.

Laura Hunt, of Laura Hunt Law Offices, is a Henderson Accident Attorney who will help your family win against the big insurance companies and law firms. She brings 17 years of experience and solid reputation of victory in the courtroom to your family’s aid at a time when it is necessary. Laura Hunt is one of the most successful lawyers in the Clark County area.  For personalized and  focused attention when you need it most, please contact Laura Hunt of Laura Hunt Law Offices at 702-450-4868

Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Auto accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in all age groups. There is no group that can escape the fury of the road.  In Henderson and Las Vegas, NV it is no new sight to see two cars on the side of the freeway with sirens all around.

With the large number of accidents that occur and keep occurring, it is inevitable that sometime in your life you will either be involved or know someone that is involved in an accident. That’s why it is important to have the right information. The right information could save you money and make you feel more powerful in your situation.

At Las Vegas accident attorney Laura Hunt’s offices, they prides themselves on having the experience and expertise to help you win your battle with the insurance companies. And it always is a battle. A battle they are willing to fight…for you. Laura Hunt actually cares about her clients and their needs. She works directly with each client to make sure they are getting the assistance and help they deserve.

No one deserves to be taken advantage of, especially not by insurance companies who make enough money off of people anyways. Don’t be uninformed and without help in your time of need. Rely on Laura Hunt Law Offices to help you through your struggle.

Auto accidents are inevitable. Be prepared. Know who to turn to, and be prepared to fight for what is yours.