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Safety in Mind: Teen Driving Tips

The crash rate per mile driven is twice as high for 16-year-olds as it is for 18 year olds and higher. This is an alarming number and shows us that unfortunately. a teen driver is highly susceptible to car accidents as a result of various factors. Inexperience, distractions, and lack of focus are the three main causes for teen accidents in the U.S. Lets break these three down in order to learn how teens can begin to reduce the statistics associated with teen driving.


Inexperience in teen drivers in inevitable. Building good driving habits from the start is essential in creating a safe foundation for any teen driver. Spending time with a teen while driving is a great way to monitor what habits a teen is developing. Practicing parking, lane changing, assessing traffic, and being alert are common but necessary things teen drivers should be proficient in in order to minimize their chances of an accident.


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The number one cause of accidents amongst teens in the U.S. are distractions. Texting or talking on the phone while driving, changing a song or CD, eating, or engaging in excessive conversation with passengers while driving are the easiest ways to be involved in an accident. Texting or talking on the phone was the highest among 16-24 year olds. The simplest form to avoid this is to realize that no text or phone call is worth an accident, let alone someones life. Put your cell phone in a safe but reachable distance. If you must take a call, pull over to a safe location. Music is another common distraction while driving. Listining to music in the car is safe when the driver understands their focus should be on driving and focusing in on their immediate surroundings. Having your friends and family in the car can also be enjoyable and necessary, but once again, understanding that you are operating a machine and the lives of the passengers in your car is potentially in your hands should be a teen drivers mindset. Focus on driving and your surroundings instead of engaging in excessive and elaborate conversations with friends.


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Focusing while driving is essential and is often underestimated as a way for teens to avoid accidents. It is when teens begin to feel comfortable behind the wheel that accidents are most likely to happen. The quick trip to the store while thinking about the shopping list as opposed to driving can easily turn catastrophic. Whether your taking a road trip or a five minute trip to the store, focus on the task at hand: driving.


Knowing what to do in the event of an accident is also very important. If you have questions about car accident lawyers las vegas, visit thewonlawyer.com. They specialize in car accidents and injuries.


Hands-Free Driving Now Required By Nevada Law

In an effort to curb the rising number of accidents caused by distracted drivers, the State of Nevada recently enacted legislation mandating that any driver using a cell phone while driving must also employ a hands-free device. This new law recognizes what every auto accident lawyer Las Vegas residents work with has known for years: A distracted driver is an unsafe driver. Many people tend to use their vehicles as mobile offices, making their commutes to and from work unnecessarily dangerous.

The new law, enacted to coincide with the beginning of the 2011-2012 school year and featuring beefed-up enforcement as of January first, 2012, is intended to cut down on the steadily rising number of traffic fatalities, particularly those concerning pedestrians. We’ve all heard the same tragic story over and over again. A driver glances down to answer their cell phone or read a text, and didn’t see the red light or the people in the crosswalk (or, to be fair, the roadway).

Nevada officials recognize the dangers of talking or texting while driving, and this new law is intended to promote safety behind the wheel. When most people think of dangerous driving practices, they think of reckless driving such as tailgating, dodging between lanes of traffic, or drinking and driving. Very few people consider that behaviors such as talking on a cell phone or texting while driving can be just as dangerous as knocking back a few cocktails before going home.

Hands-free devices are relatively inexpensive and permit for greater freedom and attention behind the wheel. Of course, these devices have to be used with common sense. The content of a conversation can be just as distracting as looking down to read a text while behind the wheel. Drivers who engage in arguments or tangled business discussions while driving are statistically far more likely to be involved in accidents than those who don’t. When navigating Nevada’s roadways, a highly charged emotional state can be a fatal error.

If someone else’s poor driving decisions lead to you being involved in an accident, contact your Las Vegas auto accident attorney. Most accidents are caused by a combination of illegal or reckless behavior and inattention to what is happening on the road, and the new hands-free law is one we can all live with. There is no phone call or text message that is worth more than your life or that of someone else.

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How To Avoid Car Accidents

We’ve come to accept car accidents as an unfortunate side effect of our fast-paced lifestyle. The truth is that most accidents are easily avoidable by using a little common sense and some caution behind the wheel. Car accidents cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives every year, but they don’t have to! Here are some easy tips to help prevent you from needing the services of a Las Vegas auto accident attorney in the first place.

Hang up and drive: You’ve seen this slogan on bumper stickers, but have you ever thought about how it applies to your driving habits? Many people use their vehicles as mobile offices, sending faxes while knowing the Importance of Using a Secure Fax, texts, and communicating with clients on the road. This tendency to attempt to multitask is dangerous because it distracts from the primary task of a driver: getting to their destination safely. Also, multitasking while on the road has overtaken drunk driving as one of the most preventable causes of car accidents.

Don’t drink and drive: Especially around the holidays, people tend to overindulge in food and drink. If they’re not going anywhere, that’s one thing. Too much holiday cheer, especially of the liquid variety, can result in huge tickets, jail time, and even severe injury or death. When you’re celebrating, please do so sensibly. Make sure you have a designated driver, drink in moderation, or simply say “No thanks.” Safety begins before you ever get behind the wheel.

Know what’s around you: There’s an old saying: “When you drive, you don’t just have to drive your car, but those of everyone around you.” Being aware of what other drivers are doing is a great way to keep yourself out of an accident, so paying attention to the road and the other drivers is an important factor in safe driving habits. For this reason, you shouldn’t drive when you’re angry or upset, because these powerful emotions can interfere with safe driving.

Safe driving is a responsibility you take on every time you put your key in the ignition. A Las Vegas car accident attorney sees a lot of cases where the accident could have been avoided so simply just by using a little extra caution and common sense behind the wheel. Because of this, particularly during the holidays when so many people are traveling, it’s important to remember that the other driver may not be paying due attention, so it’s up to you to give even more.

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Is there a lawyer specializing in DUI cases in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has a reputation as one of the premier party cities on the planet. At any time of the day or night, year round, people come here to play, gamble, see the sights, and get away from their day-to-day grind. Unfortunately, a high percentage of these people incorporate alcohol into their good time, which too often leads to tragic results when they decide to get behind the wheel after having “just a couple” of drinks. If you or a loved one is charged with DUI you will need to contact The Hogle Law Firm to ensure that all your rights are protected, more information about The Hogle Law Firm you can find at their website.

The rationales for this risky and dangerous behavior vary, ranging from “I quit drinking an hour ago” to “But I don’t want to spend the extra money to call a cab or catch the bus” to a flat “No, I’m okay to drive.” Regrettably, too many of these people learn the hard way that they’re not when they get pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated or worse, cause an accident resulting in painful or even fatal injuries to themselves or innocent bystanders. Driving while intoxicated is the single most preventable cause of automobile fatalities, and accounts for approximately 10% of annual highway deaths. Las Vegas car accident attorneys wish that we weren’t needed, but DUIs are on the rise in this country, and so is demand for our services.

In a best-case scenario for a DUI, you get pulled over and undergo a field sobriety test, which you fail. Now you have to pay a steep fine, spend some time in jail, hire a dui lawyer to work on your defense, pay for various classes and alcohol education courses, a victim impact and advocacy panel, and any number of other expenses. On top of all that, the DUI remains on your record permanently, resulting in astronomical insurance premiums. If that sounds bad, it is. But remember that as bad as all that appears, it could be worse: you could hurt or kill someone else, resulting in immense civil and criminal penalties and lengthy prison sentences. And having that on your record is bad enough, but the knowledge that your own poor judgment led to such consequences is far worse.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or died as a result of a drunk driver, make sure you have a competent and qualified Las Vegas accident attorney on your side to get you all the care and compensation you deserve. You should not have to pay the price for someone else’s poor choices, and our only goal is to ensure that you and your family are taken care of. So if you need to know if there’s a Las Vegas lawyer who specializes in drunk driving cases, there is.

Drinking and driving is dangerous and illegal. This behavior hurts and kills millions of people each year, at a cost of many billion dollars. Before you have that cocktail, if you’re planning to drive, ask yourself if your good time is worth your life . . . or someone else’s. Think before you drink.

Accidents Are a Tragedy, There is a Las Vegas Accident Attorney Who Can Help

Car accidents are a tragedy that happen every day. Car accidents happen every hour and every minute of every day. They can happen without notice and even the smallest mistake on the road can lead to an accident. Some accidents involve one car and are caused by distraction of the driver, animals in the road, weather ailments and other reasons. When a car accident involves just one car, it is the best possible scenario. Although it is still a tragedy when an accident involves car it is easier to figure out the story behind the accident and no one has to be directly at fault.

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When an accident involves two or more cars that is when things really escalate. Not only do these accidents have a higher chance of being fatal, you must also figure out who was at fault in the accident. There must be an investigation to figure out if anyone was going above the posted speed limit or if someone failed to break in time. These are easier to figure out then some of the other possible reasons for the accident. Reasons like inattentive driving and talking on your cell phone or swerving to miss an animal that only one of the cars actually saw are must harder to figure out.

Insurance companies will try to make the process confusing and not give you all the money you deserve from your accidents. Don’t let this happen to you. Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas accident attorney who specializes in dealing with insurance companies during these hard times. She knows how confusing it can be for someone dealing with injuries and insurance companies. Laura Hunt it top amongst Henderson accident attorney and she can make sure your next accident is figured out as swiftly as possible.

Henderson Accident Attorney Helps Deal With Insurance Companies After Accidents

There are many things people say you should do when involved in an accident. Some of the lists differ depending on how severe the accident is. One of the things you should always do is stay in the location where the accident happened. Some people suggest moving out of traffic if you can, but never leave the scene of an accident. It is important to check the health of those around you before going any further. Everyone involved should somehow signal to the other involved the severity of the accident on their part. That way whoever calls for help will know how severe the accident is and can tell the dispatcher so they can relay the message to the police and ambulances.

henderson accident attorney

All of these things seem simple, but when involved in an accident, many times people become confused and disorientated. They do not look back to a list to see what they should do next. Being at the scene of an accident can be frustrating and overwhelming but it is what happens after the accident that can be the true frustration. Dealing with insurance companies can be a struggle. Whether it is dealing with your insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver, it is no easy task. Insurance companies are greedy and there is no reason for them to be able to pull a fast one on you.

If you were involved in an accident let an experienced Henderson accident attorney help you deal with the difficult aftermath. Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas accident attorney who has year of experience dealing with insurance companies and making sure you are getting exactly what you deserve. Laura Hunt will work with you directly to help you settle with the other driver, she is truly a Las Vegas accident attorney you can trust.

Drunk Driving | Las Vegas Auto Accidents Lawyer

Drunk driving.  One of the number one causes of car accidents and the reason many of them end up fatal.  In 2009, 33,808 people were killed in an auto accident, and 10,839 of them were alcohol related. Drunk driving accidents occur so frequently, that you may have personally been affected or know someone who has been involved in one, making this topic hit close to home.  While it is a sad and emotional end to someone’s life, drunk driving inevitably occurs daily and has yet to come to an end.  Laura Hunt, the top Las Vegas accident attorney, has dealt with all spectrums of auto accident cases, including drunk driving and wrongful deaths.  Laura’s law firm works to help clients personally affected by alcohol related car accidents and will not cease until the case is settled and won.  Drunk driving occurs everywhere, in all cities and towns, and especially in large cities with plenty to do during the nighttime, such as Las Vegas.  When people have been out drinking and need to find a way home, more often than not they don’t stop and think before getting behind the wheel of their car.  Laura is the best Las Vegas lawyer for car accident related to alcohol if you ever find yourself wrongfully hurt in such a situation.

The following statistics from 2009 are courtesy of Don’t Die Drunk, one the leading nonprofit organizations working to combat drunk driving.

  • Drunk drivers kill someone approximately every 48 minutes
  • Every 1 in 3 people will be involved in an alcohol related car accident
  • 75 percent of drunk drivers who have suspended license continue to drive anyways
  • An average drunk driver will drive drunk 87 times before they are pulled over

As you can see, drunk driving is among the top factors for car accidents and fatalities, and our nation is still working to make progress to combat drunk drivers from getting on the road.  If you are involved in an auto accident involving drunk driving and have been wrongfully hurt, call your Las Vegas accident lawyer immediately to get the settlement you deserve.  Laura has worked with thousands of clients involving auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, as well as injury to children and pedestrians and has helped those wrongfully hurt recover millions of dollars in settlements.

Trying to find a trustworthy attorney who will help you benefit from your legal case is difficult, but Laura Hunt is trusted most by residents in the greater Las Vegas area and is considered the best Las Vegas auto accidents lawyer.  Call Laura today for a free consultation at (702)-450-HUNT, and start your way towards winning the case you were so wrongfully hurt by:  drunk driving.

Las Vegas Accident Lawyer

It’s one of everybody’s worst nightmares: you are driving on the highway on your way to work when the driver in front of you suddenly steps on his breaks. Before you have another moment to think, you’ve rear-ended someone and have been rear-ended by another.

If you find yourself in a similar situation where you are injured in a car accident, you are going to need a Las Vegas accident attorney. Getting a Las Vegas accident attorney will be beneficial to your case because they will be familiar with the laws of Sin City.  However, before you decide on a Las Vegas accident lawyer, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

How experienced are they?

Choosing a Las Vegas lawyer for car accident who has many years of experience is a must.  You need to have a sense of assurance that your case will be handled correctly the first time around.  Las Vegas accident attorney Laura Hunt has more than 15 years experience in handling auto accidents and dealing with difficult insurance companies so you won’t have to.

Who will be handling your case?

Many auto accident attorney’s pass their work on to inexperienced lawyers that are fresh out of law school.  Once again, experience makes a world of a difference so you need to be sure that the person you are expecting to handle your case is actually handling your case.  Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas auto accidents lawyer who will personally handle each case she takes on.  You won’t have to play “the telephone game” with anybody because you will be dealing directly with her.  You will save yourself many stressful moments if you an attorney whom you can communicate directly with.

Will you have to go to court?

Going through a trial can be a taxing experience.  Will your lawyer be going with you or will you be forced to go alone?  Although you would expect a lawyer to be in the courtroom walking you through every decision, surprisingly, not all lawyers are willing to go up to bat for you.  Laura Hunt will make every effort to not put you though a court experience.  However, if you choose her as your Las Vegas accident attorney, you know you have chosen a lawyer that will personally back you up if you absolutely must make an appearance in court.

Being in a car accident is never any fun and yet with so many drivers on the road today, the odds are stacked against us about being involved in one.  Should this happen to you, your main concern should be recuperating and feeling well.  You will want to seek help from a professional accident attorney to aid you when it comes to handling the paperwork, insurance companies, getting your medical bills paid. Contact the law offices of Laura Hunt at (702) 450- HUNT (4868) to schedule your free consultation.


Slippery Road Conditions – Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Even in some place like Nevada, crazy and dangerous weather can strike at any time. Many people think of dangerous weather as snow, ice, tornadoes, falling rocks…etc, but did you know that rain is an incredibly hazardous driving condition?

Although Las Vegas does not receive rain as often as other places, it still gets a shower every now and then. Because Las Vegas drivers are not used to this road condition, it can make things even more dangerous. Driving in conditions that you are not comfortable in, or that you are not used to, increases the danger.

When rain falls on the road it starts to create puddles in any cracks and ruts that are there. When these puddles start to add up and your car drives across them, it creates a hydroplane effect. Hydroplaning is when water builds up between the rubber of your tires and the road. This can cause breaking hazards, acceleration hazards, and can cause your car to swerve because of the lack of traction.

Driving in these conditions can be scary, but the accidents that can occur and the aftermath can be devastating. Accidents can be confusing situations, if you are like most people you are unsure of the steps to take to fix things. That’s why it is always a smart idea to call a lawyer, they can help you make the most out of the situation and get everything the medical and emotional compensation that you deserve.

Laura Hunt, Las Vegas accident attorney, has years of experience helping people through the confusion and frustration associated with car accidents in Las Vegas. She can help you get through any kind of traffic accident mess you may find yourself in.

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Do We Really Need Police? – Auto Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Yes. The police are in their positions to protect the citizens of this country. Their job is to enforce the laws that are put into place by our federal and state governments. Without the police we all have to admit, life would be a little chaotic.

Although traffic violations are very common, the police cannot always catch those who are breaking traffic laws. Traffic law violations can cause severe accidents. Many times when accidents occur, one party or the other violated a traffic law. These violations can range from speeding, running red lights, rolling through stop signs, illegal changing of lanes and many more. Although these violations all seem minor, their damage can be irreversible.

Like I said before, the police cannot catch all the violators of these laws, which is why accidents occur. After an accident occurs you can contact the police, but there is little they can do after the fact. What you really need at this point in time is a lawyer. If you were injured in a car accident or any other violation, a lawyer can help you not only get a settlement from the other party, but they can also help you deal with the insurance companies.

Laura Hunt Law Offices specialize in this kind of case and have numerous years of experience helping people get the most out of their accident. Laura Hunt, Las Vegas accident attorney, is committed to seeing you get the best care possible.

Although these traffic violations seem minor, they can cause irreversible damage. If you are in an accident involving a violation, don’t hesitate to call Laura Hunt, auto accident lawyer Las Vegas, at 702.450.4868.