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The New Cell Phone Law May Send You To Your Henderson Car Accident Lawyer

As the Valley’s roadways become the scene of more injuries and tragedies every day, the law is looking for ways to prevent them. One such initiative the state legislature has taken, with the support of many jurisdictions throughout the state, is mandating that all drivers who talk on cell phones do so using a hands-free device, such as a headset. A Henderson car accident attorney can tell you that nearly all auto accidents are preventable and generally caused by carelessness or inattention to the road.

Texting while driving has been banned in 35 states, including Nevada.

Some examples of this are texting behind the wheel and answering calls without a Bluetooth or a similar headset device. Graphic signs featuring tombstones engraved with popular textspeak expressions such as “LOL” and “OMG” juxtaposed with the time-honored “RIP” are intended to convey the dangers of texting while driving to teens, but sadly, the message doesn’t seem to be getting through. Car accidents remain the number one killer of children under the age of eighteen, and texting has often been cited as the cause of accidents.

But what about talking on a cell phone? How can that be a hazardous behavior? Many Nevada drivers are angry about the new ban on talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device, but they don’t stop to consider the bigger picture. When your phone rings, just for a second, you’re distracted from the road. If you have a hands-free device, you take the call and go on. But if you don’t:

You have to rummage through your purse, your pockets, the cup holders, and the glove compartment until you find the phone. All the while, your eyes and attention are off what’s in front of you, splitting your focus. Then you pick up the phone and answer it, which means you’re driving with one hand. While you’re talking, you’re not giving the road its due attention, which can create a very dangerous situation for you and others around you.

“Hang up and drive” is no longer just a catch phrase: It is a law, with very serious consequences attached to being found breaking it. These penalties are even stiffer if you’re in a school zone when you get caught. Some jurisdictions double or even triple the fines you may have to pay. Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility, and it’s up to all of us to do our part to keep Nevada’s roadways safe. For more information on the new law and how it affects you, contact a car accident attorney Las Vegas locals trust. But, please, wait until after you stop the car.

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Henderson Auto Accident Lawyer

Avoiding a car accident may seem like an impossible task, but there are some precautions you can take to drive more safely and avoid potential accidents.

For starters, make sure you do a quick visual check of your tire pressure, adjust your mirrors once inside, and never forget to wear a seatbelt.  These tips may be commonsense for some, but they are definitely worth mentioning again.

Next, drive defensively.  You’ve heard this before, but what does it really mean?  It means keeping an eye out for other drivers who may seem distracted.  This may include drivers who are swerving from lane to lane, drivers who are speeding, or even drivers who are driving below the speed limit.  Use your natural instinct and judge for yourself.  Once a car grabs your attention, keep your distance and consider notifying the authorities if their behavior seems excessive.

Never drive when you’re tired.  Driving when you’re tired is extremely dangerous and needs to be avoided at all costs.  Consider stopping at a rest stop for a nap or calling a taxi for a ride home.  You can always pick up your car the next day.

Follow all road signs.  Remember, they are there for a reason!  It may be tempting to speed when it seems like nobody is watching you, but keep in mind that you are almost never the only car on the road and that even if you are, road hazards could be a real danger.

Finally, sit up straight, wear sunglasses during the day or turn your lights on during the evening and never forget to yield for pedestrians.

Unfortunately, even after following those simple yet effective tips, an accident may be unavoidable. If you do happen to find yourself injured from a car accident, you’re going to want to get professional help. The last thing you will be thinking about is dealing with paperwork so be sure to look for a Henderson auto accidents lawyer as soon as possible to help get the process started for you.

Consider the following when searching for a Henderson auto accidents lawyer: who will be answering your day-to-day questions?  Will the lawyer accompany you should you need to appear in court?  Does the lawyer have experience?  Are they accessible?  Be sure to get all of your questions answered before you make your decision.

Laura Hunt is a premier choice for a Henderson auto accidents lawyer. She has more than 15 years experience in this field and she will fight for you and help you in everything ranging from avoiding court to getting your medical bills paid.

Henderson car accident attorneys like Laura Hunt will personally handle your case.  You will be speaking directly with her for all of your concerns so miscommunication is all but obsolete. Feel free to contact the law offices of Laura Hunt at (702) 450- HUNT (4868) to schedule your free consultation.