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Nevada Hosted an Alternative to Distracted Driving Tickets

driver textingIt’s no secret that distracted driving has become an issue. Car accident lawyers have seen a rise in these types of cases due to texting, talking on the phone and other distractions, while driving. Many cities and states have started issuing tickets for distracted driving and they have started cracking down quite a bit.

However, the state of Nevada has decided to take a different approach. Instead of just issuing a ticket for use of a cellphone while driving, the state has started an online program to help drivers clear their record.

This program was introduced in early July and allowed Nevada Highway Patrol troopers the opportunity to offer those with clean records the chance to keep it that way. Drivers pulled over for distracted driving have to complete online tasks for 28 days in a row to avoid the fine they would pay and the black mark on their driving record.

The tasks they must complete pertain to a time when a driver was able to stay safe because they were not distracted by their cellphone. Some of the tasks include sharing a video about distracted driving on social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, while others have the driver take a quiz about driving distracted.

This new program is called “It Can Wait for 28,” and may be adopted as a normal program throughout the state. The state has received support from the Nevada Department of Public Safety, the Clark County Justice Court and the Highway Patrol.

How Will This Program Help Keep Our Roads Safe

With distracted driving becoming a problem, the “It Can Wait for 28” program is aimed at educating offenders about this issue. Instead of just giving them a ticket, this program allows the driver to save the money they would pay on the fine and become educated about the seriousness of distracted driving.

Not only does the program help to educate the offenders, but also their friends and family. Since the program includes sharing videos about distracted driving on social media sites, it helps to spread the word to those that have yet to be caught.

If this program becomes successful, it could help everybody put their phones down, while their driving. Statistics have already shown a distracted driver is at least as bad as a drunk driver, if not worse. This is a problem and the state of Nevada is leading the way in the hunt for a solution.