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Will Crash-Avoidance Technology Help to Save Lives in 2015?

While car accidents may still take many lives every year, there are some key technological advances that could limit the number of traffic deaths and injuries in 2015. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hoping technological advancements will help to eliminate up to 300 fatalities per year.

truck crash avoidance

The NHTSA currently has multiple projects going on, attempting to make advancements in the area of road safety. Most of these projects are very research-intensive, but recent reports have stated that one of these projects could create more than $3 billion in profits for the US economy and could save more than 300 lives per year on roadways.

The introduction of crash-avoidance technology for large trucks

Large trucks are involved in an alarming number of accidents every year. Unfortunately, most of the accidents involving a large truck are quite serious. The introduction of new crash-avoidance technology for large trucks could have large benefits for the general public.

The University of Michigan Research Institute did a study on the affects that crash-avoidance technology could have for the United States. They estimated that the economy would benefit from a $900 million boost for adding the new technology to heavy-duty trucks. They also estimated that the economy could see a $3.1 billion boost if the technology is installed on medium and large trucks.

Crash-avoidance already being utilized

The system has already sold more than 10,000 units and is expected to sell another 15,000 units this year. Each unit costs $2,400 and is built on the anti-lock brakes, using a combination of software and radar to help alert the driver to a potential collision. If the driver cannot react fast enough, the system will automatically engage the brakes to lessen the impact of the crash.

Since large truck accidents are a major issue and one of the major reasons a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas is hired for a wrongful death suit, this technology is very important for the future of driving. It addresses many problem areas related to driving, including blind spot detection, adaptive headlights, fatigue warnings, forward collision avoidance, curve speed warnings and much more.

As technology gets better, the roads may also get safer. New collision-avoidance technology could provide major benefits for large trucks, as well as other drivers on the road. For more information about safe driving habits or to speak with a qualified car accident attorney, contact Laura Hunt today at (702) 450-4868.