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If you or a loved one has been injured at a Walmart store, whether at the Supercenters or the grocery stores, call or text our experienced team at TheOneLawyer.com for your personal injury claim against Walmart. This blog  is about personal injury lawsuits against Walmart stores. I will examine past settlement compensation payouts in Walmart personal  injury cases and the process you will go through when you have been injured at a Walmart store. 

Walmart was the world’s largest company  with  retail revenues reaching 523.96 billion U.S. in 2019. ( https://www.statista.com/statistics/266595/leading-retailers-worldwide-based-on-revenue/)   As the  largest non-governmental employer, It is not surprising that it is the most frequently sued private personal injury claim defendant in the United States. Walmart gets sued approximately 20 times a day, which is nearly 5,000 lawsuits filed every year against Walmart. Although many of these are suits brought by employees for various employment discrimination and wage and hour claims, many are also for personal injuries sustained by customers. 


The answer to this question is yes but you need to be prepared and collect the correct evidence. It is best to obtain a lawyer from the very beginning. Walmart will not be on your side and will not make extensive efforts to preserve all evidence. Your best path is to hire the best lawyer that you can. Walmart is a large company and there are some aspects about suing Walmart and litigating with this company in court that are different from dealing with other defendants. It has been my  experience that Walmart handles injury claims in an aggressive manner. Let’s face it, almost all of us have shopped at a Walmart store. Just the sheer numbers of customers and number of stores makes it clear that accidents will happened and in larger numbers compared to most other retailers.

TheOneLawyer.com has the experienced and compassionate attorneys you need to help you get the treatment you need for your personal injuries and fight the giant of Walmart for the compensation you deserve. Our law firm handles severe injury and wrongful death personal injury cases against Walmart and has been successful in obtaining substantial compensation for our client. Like many companies, Walmart often demands that such settlements be confidential and therefore cannot be shared. However, a jury verdict is a public record, and his article is about personal injury aka tort claims against Walmart the dollar value of those claims. The most common claims are slip and fall or other premises liability cases, truck accidents, falling objects,  negligent security, or pharmacy mistake cases.

The following  are summaries of some winning jury verdicts. Please note that as mentioned, these do not include settlements as any large  settlement against Walmart will have a strict confidentiality clause include with the settlement. 

  • West Virginia February 2019: $16,900,000 Verdict: Plaintiff/ victim, a 52-year-old mother and grandmother who was visiting her local Walmart with her granddaughter in the shopping cart. Unrelated to them, the store security had detained a shoplifter near the rear  of the store. The shoplifter then attempted to evade security and while he was fleeing ran the Plaintiff/ victim over on his way out knocking her over and the shopping cart with her granddaughter. The cart  fell on top of her, and she suffered major abdominal injuries. Her injuries were so severe that   she underwent numerous surgeries, over 20 hospitalizations, and was left permanently dependent on a feeding tube. Plaintiff/ victim hired a personal injury lawyer who filed suit against  Walmart, claiming that its security staff was negligent in attempting to detain the shoplifter who had run from them on previous occasions. Walmart denied any wrongdoing and tried to place the blame on  the shoplifter. 
  • Ohio July 2019: $81,500 Verdict: A 51-year-old woman was shopping when a pallet jack/pallet being pushed down the same aisle by a Walmart employee struck her cart. This caused her to   fall backward  as she was pushing a shopping cart. The Plaintiff/Victim  alleged she suffered disc herniations with chronic radiculopathy; a partially torn rotator cuff; and other soft tissue injuries. Walmart admitted liability but disputed the alleged injuries were a result of the fall. A jury awarded the Plaintiff/ victim $81,500 in damages.
  • Florida  January 2020: $572,988 Verdict:  The Plaintiff/ victim  slipped and fell on an unknown substance in a Walmart grocery aisle in Florida and she sustained permanent injuries. The Plaintiff/ victim claimed the company failed to maintain safe conditions. Walmart denied liability and claimed that the woman’s  own negligence caused her injuries. The jury found the store 100 percent liable and awarded the woman a $572,988 in damages.
  • Texas March 2013: $199,112 Verdict: A 42-year-old clerical worker slipped and fell while walking in the meat department of her local Walmart in El Paso. She was taken from the store by  ambulance to an emergency room where she was treated for disc herniations and bulges as well as a sprained right ankle, an annular tear, and a torn ligament in her right knee. Her Walmart lawsuit claimed the employees had washed the concrete floor with a mechanical scrubber that had been excessively filled with soap and used an incorrect mop. Plaintiff/ victim also claimed that Walmart failed to warn customers by placing wet floor signs in the area. Walmart denied liability, claiming the floor had fully dried at the time the Plaintiff/ victim slipped and fell and sustained personal injuries at Walmart. The lawyers for Walmart also argued the Plaintiff/ victim’s disc injuries were pre-existing conditions and did not happen as the result of her fall. A jury found Walmart liable for Plaintiff/ victim’s injuries and awarded $199,112 in damages.
  • Colorado June 2019: $583,040 Verdict:  Plaintiff/ victim’s was a man on crutches who requested an electric cart. As he sat in the cart, the back support  of the cart collapsed, and he fall backward. The plaintiff/ victim’s suffered soft-tissue spinal injuries. He claimed that Walmart should have known of the defective carts and was negligent for providing the defective cart for customers. Again, Walmart denied responsibility and argued that the man’s injury was pre-existing before he had the accident at Walmart. The jury found Walmart 75 percent liable and the man 25 percent responsible and they awarded $583,040 in damages.
  • Washington June 2019: $325,000 Settlement: This case is an exception to the  general rule that settlements against Walmart do not get reported. In a Washington injury accident case, a  70-year-old male Plaintiff/ victim slipped and fell on water leaking from a mini-refrigerator at his local Walmart. As a result of the slip and fall, he sustained a broken leg and ankle fractures that required several surgeries. The Plaintiff/ victim alleged that the mini refrigerator had been leaking for several hours and that Walmart failed to clean up the water. The claim was settled for $325,000. It is our experience that when damages are clear and not exaggerated like in this case, Walmart is more likely to settle the case

These are only a few the many jury verdicts render against Walmart all over the country. At TheOneLawyer.com, we have the experience in fighting large companies to recover damages for injuries sustained by our clients. 

The Walmart Claim Handling 

Walmart fights hard in the investigation of injury claims. However, if liability can be proven for a severe injury, Walmart will pay for their mistake and settle the claim. If you are injured in a Walmart store, hire an attorney immediately. Take Photographs of the hazard that your injury, be sure to take the following steps while you are at the scene:

  1. Take Photographs of the entire scene near and around where the injury occurred;
  2. Request any and all surveillance footage from the manager, and if you give a written statement, be sure to put this request in that statement;
  3. Obtain all eyewitness contact information yourself, do not rely on the store to obtain this information;
  4. Request a copy of the accident report while you are at the scene.

Getting a Lawyer to Fight for You

At TheOneLawyer.com, we handle claims against Walmart for severe injury and wrongful death personal injury claims. At TheOneLawyer.com we are lawyers who fight against Walmart for the personal injuries of our clients sustained at Walmart stores. If you have been injured or a loved one has been injured at Walmart, call us for a free consultation. 

WHY I AM GRATEFULL 2022:  I am grateful for my amazing staff and colleagues at TheOneLawyer.com who make my job easier and provide amazing service to our clients every day of the year. It is important for all of us to be the change we want to see in the world by making gratitude a part of each day. If we all practice gratitude more regularly, the world will be a kinder place. Each of my blogs will contain something I am grateful for and reviewed in our year end blog. I hope that you will also have a lengthy list by the end of 2022. I hope that by reflecting on gratitude, we will find the positive of everyday, even the days that are stressful. 

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