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Home Depot is a large chain home improvement store with over 2,000 stores nationwide and over 20 stores in Nevada. Home Depot sells home improvement and construction materials for residential customers and commercial builders. I cannot imagine that you have not been to a Home Depot store at some point in your life to pick up a tool, light switch cover, paint or any of the literally thousands of products available to make our homes and lives more comfortable and beautiful. When I was younger, I would wander the mall after work in search of the perfect weekend outfit, sipping a giant overpriced lemonade. Now, I wander the aisles of Home Depot endlessly sipping an overpriced coffee searching for the perfect shelves to organize my pantry LOL. It is a great store when it comes to price and selection for home improvement. The typical Home Depot store is usually bustling  with activity, especially as an “essential business” during the pandemic. Thus, it comes as no surprise that Home Depot faces a sizable number of lawsuits by customers injured because of the negligence of employees or the sale of defective products that cause injury. All retail businesses have an obligation to maintain their premises in a “reasonably safe condition and have a duty to warn consumers of any potential dangers or hazards.”  This is why you see little yellow or orange cones around a wet or broken area in a store on occasion, to warn shoppers.

Because slip and fall accidents happen at Home Depot, like most retailers, they are frequently the defendant in premises liability lawsuits. Home Depot is a great company that takes great care in protecting its guests. However, like in most large retail companies, there are a lot of employees working every day and mistakes happen. If you happen to get injured inside a business establishment due to negligence, you may speak with a personal injury lawyer about filing a claim or lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. And if you’re an employee who sustained injuries in your workplace, a workers compensation lawyer can help you file a claim and advocate for your rights while you focus on your recovery.

Having worked for a large insurance company for many years, and having handled many claims against large retailers, it is my experience that while large companies will rightfully fight against  frivolous claims, they will also  pay a reasonable value on legitimate claims that are properly brought against them when the evidence establishes their liability. That is why it is critical to take the proper steps at the scene to preserve your claim and call us at TheOnewlawyer.com for your personal injury claim against Home Depot so you can consult with a personal injury attorney. 

Types of Claims Against Home Depot

There are many distinct types of personal injuries that result for an accident on the premises of Home Depot or from a product sold. The most common injury accident that we have seen result from slip and fall accidents on the premises, claims involving excessive force from Home Depot security, and Defective products such as Defective Husky/Tri-Cam ladders, One World Technologies/Ryobi Technologies/Ridgid table saws and other defective products.

Past Successful Injury Claims Against Home Depot

The following are synopses of some  personal injury settlements and jury verdicts against Home Depot nationwide. These are only examples of real cases. Every claim is unique, and the facts need to be established and investigated immediately following the injury. 

  • Jury Verdict in Tennessee 2012 for $809,241; In this case,  Home Depot driver veered  across the center line on the road and struck the Plaintiff head-on. Plaintiffs sustained a serious neck injury that required surgery. Plaintiff incurs $ 36,241 in medical bills. Home Depot’s settlement offer pretrial was $200,000.
  • Jury Verdict in New Jersey 2011 for $975,000 ;  44-year-old in New Jersey was in Home Depot parking lot and was waiting near his vehicle for a propane tank delivery. Unfortunately, wind dislodged a stocked cart causing it to roll down a hill and strike the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff sustained a back injury including a partial vertebral fracture requiring surgery. According to Bob Bratt he filed suit against  Home Depot and the owner of the cart, claiming that the owner of the cart should have secured it safely, and that Home Depot was negligent by allowing carts to parked. The jury found Home Depot 80% responsible and the cart owner of the cart 20% responsible.
  • Settlement in Boston, Massachusetts for $425,000; 2012: Plaintiff was a welder going down a ladder while on a jobsite. As he descended the ladder, one of the ladder’s top rungs detached from the side rails causing him to fall. The plaintiff sustained a rotator cuff shoulder injury that required two surgeries. Plaintiff filed suit against  the ladder’s manufacturer, Tricam, and Home Depot where the ladder was purchased.
  • Jury Verdict in Oregon. 2017: $4,527,799:  Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against ladder manufacturer Tricam and Home Depot for injuries resulting from a fall due to a defective ladder. The jury found Tricam/Home Depot 70% responsible for the harm that was caused and 30% was attributed to the Plaintiff. The verdict was later reduced by the trial judge to $1.9 million. 
  • Settlement in California 2017: $101,000. A female child sustained permanent scarring after a display cabinet fell down on top of her when she opened the cabinet doors. 
  • Jury Verdict in New Jersey 2011: $159,125.: This case involved a 57-year-old electrical contractor who was walking near the entrance of a Home Depot store and fell on a patch of ice. He sustained a torn quadricep which required surgery. Home Depot claimed the area of the fall was inspected two hours before plaintiff’s fall. Home Depot argued that  they did not have sufficient notice of the condition. The jury did not agree with Home Depot.
  • Jury Verdict: $624,472.45 California 2013 Plaintiff was a  27-year-old correctional officer who sustained injury at a California Home Depo when a palm tree for sale fell and struck her left shoulder. Plaintiff filed suit against Home Depot claiming failure to properly maintain the tree resulting in a dangerous condition. Home Depot raised the defense the tree only grazed Plaintiff, and that she did not fall to the ground. 

Identity Theft Class Action Lawsuit

In addition to person injury lawsuits, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Home Depot following a serious data breach that exposed the credit card information for millions of customers. This case has been filed in federal court in Illinois and alleges that Home Depot failed to protect its customers’ personal data. 

Who Can Sue Home Depot?

If you are a Home Depot shopper who has been injured in a Home Depot, you can sue Home Depot for your injuries.  Employees of Home Depot can sue the company for such things as sexual harassment. However, employees of Home Depot injured on the job, are  usually limited to a workers’ compensation claim, but there can be exceptions.

Getting a Lawyer to Fight Home Depot

TheOneLawyer.com is handling person injury cases against Home Depot. At TheOneLawyer.com we take serious injury and wrongful death cases retail businesses like Home Depot. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of the negligence of Home Depot or by a defective product purchased at Home Depot, call us today at 702-450-4868 to speak directly to Laura Payne, Esq. for a free consultation.