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New Technology Aims to Protect Cyclists from Car Accidents

You’ve probably already heard of “anti collision” systems. Volvo has recently announced that it plans to take this technology to the next level. At the Geneva Motor Show, the company presented its breakthrough anti collision technology that not only senses nearby objects, but also scans for possible threats ahead.

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The technology utilizes a hi-definition camera and a radar system built into the car’s front grill and rearview mirror that will scan the road ahead and sound an alert if an individual or bicyclist comes into the direct path or close the car. Additionally, the car will automatically apply the brakes if it senses an unavoidable collision.

While this new technology may make roads safer, it doesn’t make them perfect. If you are in need of a car accident lawyer, contact The One Lawyer Personal Injury Law Office at (702) 450-4868.

Top 5 Cutting Edge Safety Features of the Modern Car

Car accidents have been in existence since the creation of the automobile. Safety and safety technology has steadily but never dramatically improved until the last 10 years. We’re moving toward a new method of approaching car crashes and accident avoidance. According to Russ Rade of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, “In the past, safety features have been about protecting people in crashes. Now it’s about preventing crashes.” Here are the top 5 cutting edge safety features of the Modern Car.

#5 Blind Zone Warning
car accident attorney Las Vegas This system uses a series of sensors located in strategic places within the vehicle to alert the driver when another vehicle is approaching and is getting relatively close to the drivers blind zone.




#4 Lane Departure Warning

This impressive feature alerts the driver when the vehicle begins to drift out it’s lane. Some vehicles have adapted this system in order to actually nudge the vehicle back into the lane.

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#3 Adaptive Headlights

Some modern cars feature “Adaptive Headlights” which pivot in accordance with the direction of the front tires. This allows illumination to where the vehicle is going as opposed to the actual heading of the car. This modern system has proven to be effective on dark and curving roads, as the driver is able to see the actual turn before engaging in it.

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#2 Emergency Brake Assist

Applying brakes in an emergency situation can save a drivers life, however, applying sufficient brake power and with enough time may still lead to an accident. The emergency brake assist feature aids in applying the brakes at a rapid rate when it senses the driver is applying the brakes in an emergency situation.

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#1 Collision Warning with Automatic Braking
Multiple vehicle collisions often occur when drivers are unprepared and not focused on the road ahead. The collision warning system uses radar to senses when traffic ahead is slowed or stopped. It alerts the driver and if the driver fails to act, the system automatically apply the need brake force in accordance to the distance from the vehicles ahead.

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These cutting edge safe features aide drivers in accident avoidance and safer driving. Howver, this does not mean your car is accident proof. Las Vegas accident attorney’s see countless accidents that could have been avoided with these amazing technological advances in accident avoidance technology.