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Accident Lawyer Henderson-Car Accidents Las Vegas

Road construction is happening all the time to make our roads safer. Each day millions of dollars is being spent on re-construction, re-paving, filling pot holes, and others thing to make our roads safer. Although this might seem like excess money that could be spent elsewhere, it is very important.  Every 13 minutes someone is killed in a car accident in the United States. There are also 115 people a day that die from traffic accidents. Although many of these traffic accidents are not caused by road conditions, a good percentage of them are.

Many different road conditions can cause traffic accidents. Although cars have various safety features, just one thing going around can send a car sliding off the road or into another. Things like ruts on the freeway, pot holes, fallen rocks and many other circumstances have been proven to trigger swerving in cars and the chance of them spinning out of control.

Not all traffic accidents end in death, thankfully. Many traffic accidents are minor and are not life threatening.  But minor traffic accidents can also have serious consequences. Many car accidents Las Vegas drivers get in is someone’s fault. Many are because one driver is not paying attention, maybe a driver is texting or picking something up off of the floor or various other possibilities.  These accidents that are the fault of one driver are extremely hard to take care of. There is the chance of someone not having insurance, or the chance of the insurance company trying to not give you the full worth of damage.

If you have been in a car accident Las Vegas Accident Attorney Laura Hunt can help you get the money for your damages. She has 15+ years of experience in helping people with insurance companies after they have been in accidents. Call her today so you don’t get taken advantage of.