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Having an Auto Accident Attorney on Your Side

Sometimes, the damage is beyond your repair.  It might not be as simple as putting on a bandage and walking away.  Who can you turn to when the problem is more than you can handle?

Call the Las Vegas car accident attorney with 16 years of experience and who works with her clients directly — no “junior attorney.” Contact Laura Hunt today.

Driving Competition Awards Teens Cash for Avoiding Accidents

The fourth annual Teen Safe Driving Competition was held in April 2013, sponsored by the Allegheny County Safe Driving Competition. Students from 10 area high school districts competed for prizes. First place was $1,000; second place was $500; third place was $250; and the winner of the team prize was a school district that received a $500 donation.

The Allstate Foundation, through a grant partnership with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, provided prize money.

boy driving car

Student participants took a written safety knowledge exam, a driving skills exam, and were judged on perceptual assessment. Judges included state and local police, state and county officials, and other safety stakeholders.

The first and second place winners will compete in the Pennsylvania Safe Driving Competition for Youth in May. Because teenagers especially have a high rate of car accidents, safe driving competitions such as this are a great benefit to the community and teenage drivers.

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Head-in-the-Clouds Driving More Responsible For Car Crashes Than Cell Phones?

The latest studies showing what driving behaviors are most dangerous and end up leading to the highest number of fatalities surprisingly blames daydreaming as five times more apt to be responsible for fatal accidents as talking or texting on a cell phone.

Erie Insurance Group recently released a study that concluded that from 2010-2011, approximately 65,000 people were killed in fatal car accidents.

Car Accident

photo by Chad Davis

The Erie study then estimated that 1 in 10 drivers were killed because of distracted driving.

They deciphered that out of these distractions, daydreaming winded up causing fatal car crashes five times more often than talking or texting on cell phones.

These latest revelations can be shocking to anyone. If you’re in an accident and need a car accident attorney, contact us today to learn more.

Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer

“You are not injured.”

“Your injuries are not the fault of our client.”

“Your injuries were pre-existing.”

Following a motor vehicle collision, insurance companies launch into “cost-containment” mode.  They will do anything in their power to discredit the claimant, prove the fault of the other driver, and save (their own) money.  In a perfect world, the insured could present to their insurer some traumatic injury suffered at the hand of another, and the insurer would provide the as-agreed-upon coverage, be it medical bills or lost income.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are businesses, acting for-profit.  These cost-containment strategies encourage the claimant to accept low-ball settlements.  The best way to protect your right to full compensation is to seek the auto accident lawyer Las Vegas trusts.  When you make claim against your medical payment coverage, for example, your insurer may request or even require that you submit health care records for review or be examined by a doctor of their choosing.  At this “Independent Medical Examination,” the insurer’s medical professional may decide that you are no longer injured or that the accident was not the proximate cause of your injury.  An attorney can guarantee that the insurance company is acting according to the law in this matter.

Another strategy used by insurance companies is making a very early offer on your claim.  That sudden lump sum can be very tempting!  Remember that for the insurer, settling early and settling cheaply often go hand in hand – as any expenses incurred after settlement become your obligation.  Consider the following when deciding on a Las Vegas auto accident attorney:

  • As stated above, once you have accepted a settlement, all further expenses are your problem, whether these are in the diminished value of your vehicle, future medical expenses, or compensation for long term disability.


  • One common mistake is cashing a check for property damages – when the fine print reads that doing so releases the insurance company from all other claims.  Read carefully!  If you are concerned about your  understanding of any document from an insurance company, it is better to be safe and have it looked over by the best Las Vegas car accident lawyer.


  • Signs and symptoms don’t often appear immediately after the traumatic event.  Many ailments take weeks to manifest, and some limitations will not be fully realized until months after.  It is important to pursue medical treatment that manages both acute and chronic problems.  Do not stop treatment until you and your medical care provider agree that you are again functioning at pre-accident levels.  Insurance companies point to delays in initial treatment and gaps in continuing care as examples of how not injured you are.

There is much rhetoric on the corrupting ability of money and power, and this is sometimes a built-in function of the system.  In dealing with an insurance company, don’t hope for the company  to “do the right thing”; they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt!  Your best bet is an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney.