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Drive the Rainbow! 12 of the Most Colorful Cars Under the Sun

While cars these days are far safer than they were 40 years ago (thank you seatbelts and dual-side air bags!), they’re also plainer and less imaginative as well. The 60s Flower Power movement brought with it an assembly line of brightly colored cars in cheerful pinks, oranges and yellows that have since become all but obsocete in today’s auto market of cookie-cutter designs and drab gray and blue color pallets.

Thus, in celebration of a bygone era, we’ve listed some of our favorite funky tie-dye, beaded, bedazzled and rainbow-colored cars. Enjoy!


12. Car…or Russian Babushka Doll?

We love the intricate designs and attention to detail. Even the rims are painted!


unique car

Photo by Clemensfranz



11. Toy Story

This photo was taken at Burning Man in 2011. How many legos do you think it took to decorate that?


lego car

Photo by Victorgrigas

10.  That Car’s Got Game!

A car and a Twister game board all in one? Genius.



unique car 

Photo by Frerieke.


9. Surfin’ Safari


Can’t you totally picture driving to the beach in this VW Beetle, with a pet golden retriever in the back and the Beach Boys on the radio? We love that this is a four-door!

unique car

Photo by Chizu


8.  All that Glitters…

Look at that pink leather interior! If Rainbow Brite and Barbie got married and bought a limo, this would be it.


unique car

Photo by Exo_Duz



7. Kid Mobile

This car is the answer to the question: What should we do with our collection of 80’s McDonald Happy Meal Toys?

unique car

Photo by Shawn Liu


6. Color Me Bad


Paintings of fish, bearded balding men and a bear. (???). What more could you ask for, really?


unique car

Photo by Andrew Huff



5. Say It Don’t Spray It


Though we don’t normally condone vandalism, this particular artist seems to have created a spray-paint masterpiece with this gorgeous graffiti car.


unique car

Photo by Akbar Sim


4. I see dead people (and aliens)


This van’s paint job is a where’s waldo of aliens and gremlins. Far out!

unique car

3. Flower Power


We love the matching purple roof and bumper.

unique cars

Photo by Andy Siitonen

2. The Odd Van Out

We can’t decide if this tye-dye van is tacky or terrific. What do you think?

unique car

Photo by Angelina.

1. Bead between the Lines


This VW Beetle was decorated by Native Americans in New Mexico and is covered with 2,277,000 glass beads! It now sits in the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC.

unique car

Photo by Mr. T in DC


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Which radical rainbow-colored car did you like best? Let us know in the comments below!