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Road Warriors Beware: Bizarre Driving Laws From Around the U.S.

motorcycle driver jumping over car from the film road warrior


Driving across the great USA can be a rewarding life experience. But each city and state can be fickle with their laws, enough to cost you some cash if one is not mindful of local custom.

For example, in Alabama, not only is it illegal to drive barefoot, but it is a finable offense to drive the wrong way down a one-way street with a lantern attached to the front hood.  In Florida, they found it necessary to enact a law making it illegal to bring livestock on a school bus, while in Illinois they insist on driving using a steering wheel, by law.  In California, women are not allowed to cruise the streets while wearing a house coat. Be careful in Oregon when entering your car, because you can be ticketed for leaving your car door open longer than is needed.

In Rockville, Maryland, it is strictly unlawful to curse while driving on any road while operating a vehicle. By screeching your tires in Derby, Kansas, you can pick up a 30 day jail sentence. In University City, Missouri it is against the law to honk the horn of someone else’s car, while New Jersey residents can get a ticket for not tooting their horn while passing another driver. Another law that deals with horn courtesy comes from Little Rock, Arkansas, where it is unlawful to blare your horn where cold drinks and sandwiches are sold after 9 p.m. Remember to keep an eye on your gas tank, due to a law in Youngstown, Ohio that makes it illegal to run out of gas.

Although they might seem ridiculous, pay attention to these laws to avoid paying hefty fines, or spending time behind bars.

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Weird Driving Laws: The South

There are a number of bizarre driving laws out there today.

One of the strangest laws is in Hilton Head, South Carolina. You are not allowed to store trash in your vehicle if you live in this city.

Van Filled with Trash

The reason that this law has been put into effect is because trash can cause rat problems.

photo credit:  brownpau

In Dublin, Georgia, you are not allowed to drive your vehicle through a playground. Apparently, teeter totters and cars do not mix.

Because driving blindfolded is so dangerous (and apparently common in this state?), Alabama officials have made it illegal to do so.Blindfolded Girl

photo credit:  lemonjenny

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