Staged Accidents & Questionable Claims in Las Vegas

Auto accident lawyer Laura Hunt sees her share of accidents in Las Vegas. She also knows that according to the latest report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), staged accident questionable claims (QC) increased 46 percent from 2007 through 2009. Staged accidents are dangerous criminal events that target innocent drivers with increasingly bold schemes aimed at defrauding insurance companies out of millions of dollars. Unless someone becomes suspicious, many of these staged accidents go undetected. Here are a few tips on how to avoid becoming a victim:

– Be aware of the common schemes, such as side swipe and panic stop. In the side swipe, the criminal stakes out intersections with high volumes of traffic and double left turn lanes. When a newer, nicer vehicle makes a left-hand turn and drifts into the inner lane, the criminal sideswipes it from its position in the outer left lane. In Panic Stop, criminals use older cars to get newer cars to rear-end them. Someone in the back seat of the criminal’s car watches for the motorist behind them to get distracted, such as getting on the phone, and tells the driver to slam on the breaks. The motorist’s insurance company is then obliged to pay out.

– Don’t follow too closely to avoid sudden stops. The tail lights of the car in front of you may be broken on purpose.

– Beware of auto accident lawyers and personal injury lawyers, as well as tow truck companies, that show up at the scene of the accident without a phone call. They could be part of the scene.

– Even if the damage is minimal, insist on a police report that specifies it. You don’t want to find out weeks after an accident that the criminal’s claim was a major dent, as opposed to a scratch.

– Take photos from different angles and email them to yourself and your insurance agent.

As one of the most respected of the auto accident lawyers Las Vegas, Laura Hunt helps families and individuals reclaim what they are entitled to and rebuild their life after an accident.

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