Slippery Road Conditions – Las Vegas Accident Attorney

Even in some place like Nevada, crazy and dangerous weather can strike at any time. Many people think of dangerous weather as snow, ice, tornadoes, falling rocks…etc, but did you know that rain is an incredibly hazardous driving condition?

Although Las Vegas does not receive rain as often as other places, it still gets a shower every now and then. Because Las Vegas drivers are not used to this road condition, it can make things even more dangerous. Driving in conditions that you are not comfortable in, or that you are not used to, increases the danger.

When rain falls on the road it starts to create puddles in any cracks and ruts that are there. When these puddles start to add up and your car drives across them, it creates a hydroplane effect. Hydroplaning is when water builds up between the rubber of your tires and the road. This can cause breaking hazards, acceleration hazards, and can cause your car to swerve because of the lack of traction.

Driving in these conditions can be scary, but the accidents that can occur and the aftermath can be devastating. Accidents can be confusing situations, if you are like most people you are unsure of the steps to take to fix things. That’s why it is always a smart idea to call a lawyer, they can help you make the most out of the situation and get everything the medical and emotional compensation that you deserve.

Laura Hunt, Las Vegas accident attorney, has years of experience helping people through the confusion and frustration associated with car accidents in Las Vegas. She can help you get through any kind of traffic accident mess you may find yourself in.

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