Slip and Falls in a Las Vegas Hotel

Victims of a slip and fall at a Las Vegas hotel or casino could be entitled to compensation, especially if the incident results in a serious injury.

Your Rights Pertaining to Las Vegas Hotel Slips and Falls

When you visit the city of Las Vegas, you may be attracted to the excitement, glitz, and glamour, like most tourists that flock to the many hotels and casinos to enjoy the entertainment and attractions. What you don’t expect is for a daytime outing or a night on the town to take a turn for the worse when you suffer from an unexpected slip or fall in one of the hotels. If this accident leads to a serious injury, you could be entitled to compensation for the damages you suffer due to the personal injury, which is why you should know your rights.

Holding the Hotel or Casino Accountable

If you have suffered from as slip and fall at one of the Las Vegas hotels, you will need to hold that venue accountable for its negligence. Perhaps you fell and injured yourself on a puddle of water while waiting in the buffet line, or maybe a construction area outside of the hotel was not sectioned off probably, or you could have tripped on an uneven floor surface. Regardless of how the accident occurred, you could be entitled to compensation for:

• Medical expenses
• Wage loss
• Pain and suffering
• Mental and emotional damages

Types of Slip and Fall Accidents

There are various types of slips and falls that could lead to serious injuries, which you may be entitled to compensation for. This includes:

• Damaged railing and stairs
• Wet or slippery floors
• Loose carpet
• Sidewalks or floors that are uneven
• Faulty escalators or elevators
• Dangerous or hazardous construction zones

Issues With Hotel or Casino Slip and Fall Cases

Even though you have slip and fall rights, you will need to prove that the Las Vegas hotel is liable for the incident. Establishing fault is one of the most essential parts of your case. This means that you will need to prove that the casino or hotel knew about the hazard and failed to fix the issue in a timely manner. However, if the venue was not aware of the hazard, you must prove how they should have known about the issue. One can go on and gamble from the comfort pf their homes to avoid such instances.

Get the Legal Representation That you Need

Nevada laws place a lot of the responsibility on pedestrians, which can also be a challenge when fighting for your rights. However, an established slip and fall attorney Las Vegas can help you face this challenge. When you schedule your free consultation with the Law Offices of Laura Hunt, you are taking the first step in acquiring experienced representation that provides caring service and proven results. Our firm has spent years taking on slip and fall cases that many Las Vegas personal injury attorneys have turned down.

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