Settling Truck Accident Lawsuits

All the factors that determine how truck accidents lawsuits are settled and how insurance limits determine how fast a truck accident lawsuit is settled.

Do Most Truck Accident Lawsuits Settle?

shutterstock_181707293Generally, most accidents involving a passenger vehicle or commercial motor vehicle settle out of court. According to a great truck accident lawyer whether the parties settle out of court is determined by the agreement between the parties involved.


Cases of truck accidents are usually more complicated and involve more issues than auto accidents. It is often important to get expert opinions on various issues including air brake adjustments, speed, maintenance, steering, and driver fatigue.

When a truck accident case involves more complicated issues and facts, they usually take longer to settle. Some truck accident cases may require a trial to sort out all the issues involved. Many truck accidents cases where the party at fault has not been determined or is contested usually do not settle quickly. Thus, getting yourself an experienced semi truck accident lawyer would be the best course of action.

Determining Fault

A common error in truck accident lawsuits is the assumption that a truck driver is usually at fault in case his truck is involved in a serious accident that results in serious injuries. However, research indicates that this not a valid assumption. Many truck accidents involve some component of fault on motorists operating passenger vehicles. Motorists also erroneously assume that a truck driver can see them when they make sudden and often unsafe lane changes. Trucks often cause more damage and injuries when they get involved in an accident due to their size. However, extent of damage and injuries caused should not be used to determine the party at fault.

Insurance Limits

According to a truck accident attorney, Las Vegas trucks are required to carry larger insurance limits than passenger vehicles. This translates to more money at stake in case of an accident. When more money is at stake, the company insuring the truck is likely to ask its attorneys to defend the case more thoroughly. This means that truck accidents are less likely to settle quickly than other auto accident cases.

Many states require car owners to carry insurance minimum limits of about $10,000. This means that auto accident cases that involve injuries in excess of the minimum limit often settle quickly. This is not the case with truck accidents where the minimum limit may be $750,000.

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