Protect Yourself with the Right Motorcycle Insurance

Nevada law requires all motorcycle riders to have proper insurance, and having the right coverage at the right price is essential to protecting rider rights.

Protect Your Rights and Save with the Right Motorcycle Coverage

Nevada law demands that all motorcycle riders have the minimum liability insurance. If you lack that insurance, then a motorcycle attorney in Las Vegas will be limited in his or her efforts to protect your rights. In fact, not having insurance is in effect giving up rights, and even if you are involved in an accident and not at fault, the responsibility may fall on you for failure to comply.

Carry the Minimum Amount of Motorcycle Insurance at All Times

In order to ensure that your rights remain intact and are fully protectable, there must never be a gap in liability coverage. The liability component of insurance covers your financial responsibility if you are at fault. If there is a gap for any reason, consider extending the liability portion — insurance companies are required to do this in such an event. If you encounter difficulties in doing so, then consider picking up liability insurance with another company and contacting Babcock Injury Lawyers for advice.

Liability Alone is Not the Ideal Coverage for Most Riders

Liability coverage is a viable option when it is the only option, but most motorcycle riders will want coverage that is more robust in order to ensure that the policy fully protects them financially. Consider that repairing or replacing a motorcycle that has been stolen or damaged in an accident is expensive.

Types of Coverage Available

Collision covers your expenses even if you’re at fault. It covers repair or replacement of the motorcycle, and it can even extend to helmets and other riding apparel. Comprehensive extends that level of protection to damage caused by non-collision incidents, such as theft or a hurricane. If a motorcycle is totaled, total loss coverage provides the insured with the MSRP rather than the adjusted value.

Lowering Your Financial Obligation

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance with all the bells and whistles can be expensive, but there are ways to reduce your financial obligation. Increasing your deductible will lower your up-front costs, and participation in motorcycle safety programs often provide significant insurance discounts.

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