Preventing Child Injury In A Car Accident

While automotive safety technology has come a long way, car accidents are still a serious problem. Since automobile crashes are the leading cause of youth deaths, it is important to be aware of safety procedures when behind the wheel. Technology can help make roads safer, but is only one piece to the puzzle. There are certain things we can do as drivers to help not only keep ourselves safe, but also our child passengers.

Child passenger safety is a very serious problem. In 2011, over 600 children under the age of 12 were killed in traffic related accidents. Additionally, over 100,000 children are seriously injured in traffic related accidents each year. Since this is an issue that will continue to occur if steps are not taken, here are some tips for preventing child injury in car accidents.

young child in car

Parents are a huge risk factor

Unfortunately, parents are usually the biggest risk factor in fatal accidents involving children. About two-thirds of children killed in accidents were being driven by their intoxicated parents. Additionally, most children don’t wear their seat belts because their parents don’t wear theirs.

One of the best ways to prevent these types of accidents is to educate more people on how to keep children safe while riding in a vehicle. An idea that could be helpful in promoting safe driving with children is to offer free car seats to parents in need. Giving out car seats to those who might not be able to afford them is a great way to keep more children safe.

Child age limits for car seats

There are also some states that have increased the age requirements for when a child should no longer be required to sit in a car or booster seat. When states increase the age limit, studies show the number of children being restrained increases by three times. This in turn means less child deaths, as car seats significantly reduce the risk of fatal injuries. Always make sure you use the right car seat for your child’s weight and size. This alone can reduce the risk of injuring your child in a dangerous automobile accident.

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