Do I Need Rental Car Insurance?

To understand whether or not you need rental car insurance, you need to understand the different kinds. There is collision, liability, and additional coverage.

But I Already Have Insurance

Depending on the quality of your insurance, you may not need to purchase additional insurance. The majority of coverage includes liability, regardless of whether or not you are in a rental car. Most insurance companies also provide collision insurance as well, and if they don’t the credit card should.

Before you get to the rental office and realize you don’t understand your insurance, call your insurance company and credit card company to understand exactly how you are covered in regards to renting a car. If you are like most people, you will show up to the rental car company and have no idea if you are covered, requiring you to guess. Don’t guess. Get educated.

I Don’t Have Any Car Insurance

Check in with your credit card company to see if they fully cover collision insurance. You will be required to purchase liability insurance from whichever rental company you are renting from.

Do I Need Collision Insurance?

Collision insurance protects drivers in accidents that involve other vehicles, people, or objects. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are the cause of the accident, you will be covered either way. Collision insurance covers the cost of vehicle repairs or replacement. It also can cover storage and towing. Be aware, however, that there are always conditions and exceptions in every policy, so make sure to read yours to fully understand exactly how your collision insurance is covering your car.

Do I need liability insurance

Liability insurance covers you from potential lawsuits that result from you damaging property, or hurting someone while in a rental vehicle. More often than not, liability insurance will not cover every possible situation that can occur when driving a rental vehicle. Again, check with the insurer to fully understand the policy before purchasing it. Liability insurance is required in the majority of states.

Does my credit card cover me?

Your Credit Card – Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express all provide secondary collision coverage, if you use your credit card to book the rental car. If your personal car insurance covers you while renting a car, than the credit card coverage becomes secondary. If you are without personal car insurance, than you credit card will then serve as the primary provider of your insurance for the rental vehicle.

Making sure to check in with your credit card company to determine exactly what is covered is very important as some credit card companies will cover things like vandalism, while others will not. Learning about your credit card coverage simply requires you to speak with an insurance specialist at your credit card company.

I Was In Vegas and I Got Into An Accident. Now What?

Auto accident attorney Las Vegas, Laura Hunt, has seen every kind of accident imaginable, which is why understanding insurance is so valuable. Avoid unnecessary court cases by fully understanding how you are covered so that you can rent a car without any anxiety about how you are covered and what would happen in the event of an accident.

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