Why It Is Necessary to call the Police to the Scene of an Accident

In a nutshell, you should call the police after an accident because:

  1. You need an accurate record of the event
  2. You need an impartial, experienced officer to make the record
  3. Unfortunately, the other driver may have a different memory of the event then you at a later date;
  4. Your claim may proceed more quickly if the police are called

call police after accident

If you haven’t been in a car accident and contacted at Jesse Davidson, P.A. for injuries, it’s probably only a matter of time before you will be. According to thebalance.com, the average American driver has three to four accidents over the course of their lifetime. With today’s crowded roadways and distracted drivers, those numbers can only go up. No matter how careful you are, having an accident is something statistically you will have to endure. It’s a challenge to remain calm and know what to do when you’ve been in an accident. That’s why it’s imperative that you call the police whenever you are involved in any kind of collision.

Many times drivers are reluctant to call the police. The other driver might insist it’s not necessary. Or maybe the damage seems minor and no one is hurt, so you think it isn’t worth the hassle. Resist the temptation to simply exchange information and take a few quick photos with your phone. What you do in the immediate aftermath of a collision sets the tone for how any subsequent claims will proceed. Here are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to call the police in the event of an accident:

First, you will be too frazzled to make sound decisions. Think back to a time when something sudden and unsettling happened to you. Did you remember it clearly later? Did you stay calm? Chances are the choices you make when you are upset are not the choices you would make again in hindsight. Rather than struggling to keep your wits about you after an accident, let the police take that burden from you.

Second, the police are impartial. Sometimes the cause of an accident seems cut and dry–but that’s not for you or any other driver to determine. Don’t admit or assign blame. Simply call the police and let them evaluate the situation. They will be far more objective than anyone directly involved.

Third, establishing an official record protects everyone. Determining what happened and noting important factors such as weather and road conditions is important. The police know exactly what questions to ask and what details should be captured. Compiling all witness statements, photos and contributing factors into an official police report ensures that an accurate record of the incident will be available later to your insurance company or attorney.

Not all vehicle damage or physical injury is immediately apparent. Just because no one seems hurt and there is no noticeable vehicle damage in the immediate aftermath, that doesn’t mean things won’t change. Injuries can take several days to reveal themselves, and most drivers cannot accurately assess the extent of damage to their car. You can see here for more options on injury and accident lawyers.

The police know how to handle tense situations. Many people react with irrational anger and aggression after an accident. This could cause a bad situation to become far worse. Police officers are trained to diffuse volatile situations; calling them to the scene will help everyone maintain their composure. For most of us, being involved in a car accident is statistically inevitable. When it happens to you, keep a level head and call the police to protect your best interests!

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