How Much of a Settlement Should I Get for my Car Accident?

Laura Hunt, one of most respected Las Vegas Car accident attorneys, often hears this question during the first minutes of her consolation with a client. Pain and suffering settlements can be substantial, especially if a car accident has left a person considerably injured, and the injury is likely to affect him or her for the rest of their lives. There are no specific guidelines about predicting the amount of compensation, but there are a few points to consider when pursuing such an award in court.

One of the first issues to consider is the level of need. If the jury and the judge feel like your income already provides you with a comfortable lifestyle, it may be harder to seek a large settlement.

The age of the victim is another important factor considered by a Las Vegas accident attorney when deciding to take on such case. If several decades of your life are going to be severely impacted by your injury in an accident, the chances for a sympathetic trier of fact and a larger settlement increase.

The overall impression the victim produces on the judge and the jury also counts. Medical records, the consistency of behavior with the facts of the case, even appearance can play a role in determining the amount of award.

The offices of Laura Hunt, Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney, focus on protecting the best interests of their clients in personal injury cases as well as helping the families of victims of wrongful death circumstances. As a former insurance professional, Hunt understands the system and knows how to get the best settlements possible.

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