Motorcycle Injury


Bikers are more likely to be injured in an accident than those who operate closed vehicles. When you’re driving a motorcycle, it’s important to be aware of the risks and to take steps to protect yourself in the event of an accident.

Common Motorcyclist Injuries

Motorcycles are a common vehicle on the today’s roadways. Many people bring out their “steel horses” at the first sign of warm weather to experience the thrill of riding down the interstate at freeway speeds or to simply tool around in their neighborhood. Though most motorcycle excursions are relatively uneventful, accidents can still happen. Below are some injuries that are unique to the motorcycle rider. With a car accident attorney you can gather all the legal advice you need for your case.

Biker’s Arm

Unlike the occupant of a vehicle, who is surrounded by a steel frame, the motorcycle driver has nothing between him and the hazards of a crash. When a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike, instinct will cause him or her to bring the arms to the front of the body for protection. This action results in extreme force on the arms that can lead to torn skin, bruising and nerve damage.

Road Rash

Road rash is any injury to the skin as a result of sliding along the road. Wearing thin clothes leads to an increased risk of injury. Road rash can lead to more than a simple abrasion. Skin irritation and infection can result if the injury is improperly treated. To help avoid the problems that road rash can cause, consider investing in protective gear from credible stores and like this website which sells knee pads, vests, leather jackets and gloves. You can shop leather vest for men and whatever other requirements you have from this site.

Eardrum Injury

You may be surprised to learn that you need to provide adequate protection for your ears in order to preserve your hearing when operating a motorcycle. A helmet will protect your head, but you will need earplugs to protect you from bursting an eardrum or losing your hearing prematurely. Be sure that the earplugs you choose allow you to safely interact with your environment to avoid accidents.

Taking steps to protect yourself can help you avoid unnecessary injuries and hospital trips. If you should be so unfortunate as to be the victim of a motorcycle accident, contact a motorcycle attorney Las Vegas to get the help you need in filing a successful claim.

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