More Distractions on the Road Lead to Higher Need for a Good Las Vegas Auto Accidents Attorney

According to an auto accident attorney, driving accidents are the leading cause of death in young people in the United States. Young people often don’t realize the importance of paying attention on the road while driving. There are so many distraction that young people give into that they don’t even realize. The top distraction on the road is the use of a cell phone. Whether you are talking on the phone, texting, checking social networks, or any other function you are not paying your full attention to the road.


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Cell phones have become a serious problem on the road. Many states have even made laws that make it illegal to use your cell phone while driving. Another huge distraction that young girls give into is putting on makeup while driving. Whether you are applying mascara, lip gloss or just glancing in your mirror about your looks you are not paying attention to the road. You cannot use just your peripherals to drive while you are putting on your makeup.

Another huge distraction is eating and drinking. Many people who have busy lives choose to eat and drink while driving. Everyone has been in the situation where some food has dropped and they are trying to wipe it up while still trying to watch the road. Most people have also been in the situation where they were struggling to get the lid off of their drink which causes them to take their eyes off the road and their hands off of the wheel. No one should be driving distracted. If you are driving distracted and get into an accident there is a probability that you will get charged and fought by one of the car accident attorneys Las Vegas from the other driver. Laura Hunt is a Las Vegas auto accidents attorney that protects those who have been involved in accidents.