Legal Alcohol Limit for Driving

Each state has a different BAC, Blood Alcohol Content measurement that it considers over the legal alcohol limit for driving. Nearly every state has the limit set at .08% with the exception of Colorado, Delaware, and Minnesota whose limits are at .10%

The legal alcohol limit for driving is met more or less quickly based on your weight, duration of drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed before driving.

Speaking in generic terms, a 155 pound person who drinks 5 beers an hour will be over the legal alcohol limit for driving at approximately .10% Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). A 135 pound person could drink 4 beers in an hour and also be over the legal alcohol limit as well.

legal alcohol limit for driving

Keep in mind that, typically, men have 58% water in their bodies, whereas women have 49% making it easier for women to exceed the legal alcohol limit. There is also evidence to suggest the certain biochemical factors between the genders effect the metabolism of alcohol

One of the highest known Blood Alcohol Content scores was reported in France were a policeman conducted a breath test on a man that delivered a score of .976 a score that would kill most people.

You should never run the risk of drinking and driving, under any circumstances. Having a designated driver is the safest way to protect yourself, and others, from poor driving associated with being over the legal alcohol limit. If you do not have a designated driver, call a cab. If you don’t have enough money for a cab, than call a friend or relative. It is far less painful to have a friend pick you up than it is to take the life of someone you never met, injure, or kill yourself because you didn’t.

If you have any questions about whether or not you are over or under the legal limit, you should probably not be driving. The legal alcohol limit for driving is simply the maximum allowable alcohol in your system, not some number you try to stay right below.

Laura Hunt, Las Vegas accident attorney, has seen thousands of cases where defendants regret the decisions they made on one stupid night of drinking. Don’t make the same mistakes. Find a designated driver, save a life, and stay alive.