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Las Vegas Traffic Statistics

Las Vegas remains the most populous city in Clark County, Nevada and features numerous attractions that attract a large influx of visitors. The heavy usage of major roadways by locals and guests alike causes the majority of motor vehicle collisions in the state.

Las Vegas Traffic Accident Statistics

shutterstock_262865381By 2013, Las Vegas had a recorded population of 2,027,828 and continues growing. Tourism remains an important local industry. The amount of traffic on I-15, I-215, numerous federal highways and city roadways increases the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents occurring secondary to human error.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Data

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in New Haven and nearby areas, as of the end of June 2015, there were 5,251 collisions investigated within the city limits. Of these, 3,794 accidents caused injuries. There were 47 fatalities recorded. The collisions resulted in 2,500 arrests for DUI. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of factors contributing to collisions are preventable and include:

• Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence or fatigued

• Speeding or driving aggressively

• Failure to exercise caution during adverse weather conditions

• Using android phones, smartphones or other electronic devices to call, text or obtain navigation information

• Consuming food or beverages while driving

• Grooming while driving

• Distractions caused by vehicle occupants

Dangerous Driving Times

Extensive investigations surrounding motor vehicle collisions offer invaluable insight as to the most hazardous times to be on the road. According to the NHTSA, more fatal collisions occur at night due to the many compounding factors that include an increased number of impaired drivers, speeding and a lack of using seat belts. Not surprisingly, the majority of accidents take place on Saturday and Sunday when more people are traveling by vehicle. More accidents occur during the summer months, and August has the highest number of collisions.

Nearly one-third of all fatal accidents involve speeding. While alcohol-related accidents occur day and night, the number of incidents triple when the sun goes down. Of all the fatalities that take place at night, 66 percent of the injury or fatality victims were not wearing seat belts. During daylight hours, this number drops to less than half.

After An Accident

A wide range of injuries and possible fatalities that occur in vehicle accidents leave victims shocked, frightened and stressed. Victims must then deal with the cost of immediate or ongoing medical care, lost income, property damage, emotional and psychological pain. When a collision occurs, it is vital that victims seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer Las Vegas.

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