Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

So today I happened upon an article about a problem that has arisen in the UK regarding personal injury law firms. I always knew that many of these law firms were aggressive and sometimes “less than ethical”, but this one reached a new level in my book.

Apparently law firms in the UK are now sending email and text message promotions to people who have been victims of personal injury in car accidents and work related accidents etc. I had to laugh, because the only text message promotions I have ever received are from my local frozen yogurt company.

I don’t know how I would respond if I got a text message that said, “We heard you were injured in a car wreck, need a lawyer!?” I’m not sure if I would be more concerned about the fact that they knew I had been injured, or the fact that they sent me a TEXT message about it. I’d probably be fairly upset about both.

Although little anecdotes like this are good for mid-day laughs, it brings to light a subject that has frustrated me for some time. The United States has the highest number of lawyers per capita in the world. This has made us the butt of many jokes, because it also means that we have some of the most ridiculous lawsuits and lawyers willing to do anything to get their name out there. It’s nearly impossible to find good representation, and even if you do it’s usually a matter of luck.

I live in Las Vegas, one of the most diverse and intense cities in the world. Traffic is unbelievable and drivers are incredibly aggressive. Every day that I go on the freeway I wonder if it will be my last. I’ve often wondered which of the Las Vegas car accident attorneys I would call if I were to be injured in a wreck. I think I would have to take my best friend’s advice and go with the Law Offices of Laura Hunt. So far this is the only law firm that I’ve heard good reviews about since I’ve lived in Vegas.

The world is a scary place. Things like car accidents and work accidents happen all the time, whether we like to admit it or not. Don’t be one of those people who get taken advantage of law firms that are willing to do things like send text message ads to your cell phone. Life is simply too short.