Las Vegas Auto Accident Statistics

In terms of auto fatalities, Las Vegas auto accident statistics show that Nevada is one of the safest states to drive in. That might surprise for a lot of us who drive to work every day in the city of Las Vegas. It seems like we often find ourselves stuck in traffic due to a car accident somewhere on the I-15. Here is a list of the top ten states in 2008 with the highest fatality rates regarding automobile accidents (compiled in February of 2011) from the statistics site:

  1. California – 3,434
  2. Texas – 3,382
  3. Florida – 2978
  4. Georgia – 1,493
  5. Pennsylvania – 1,468
  6. North Carolina – 1,433
  7. New York – 1,231
  8. Ohio – 1,190
  9. Tennessee – 1,035
  10. Michigan – 980

These Las Vegas auto accident statistics are composed of deaths occurring 30 days after an auto accident. Altogether, the United States suffers from 37,261 auto fatalities in 2008. However, if we look back to 2005, there were 43,510 auto fatalities. So, thankfully, we are noticing a drop in the amount of fatal car accidents. These statistics also show that our community is also seeing one of the lowest amounts of car accidents Las Vegas has ever seen. The state of Nevada has also seen a large drop in automobile fatalities. In 2005, Nevada lost 427 people, whereas in 2009, the state saw 243 Las Vegas automobile accidents.

With our 24 hour culture, late night drinking and driving seems to be common here in the city of Las Vegas. From 2005 to 2008, Las Vegas averaged around 100 fatalities per year (Highest was in 2006 = 144 fatalities; and lowest was in 2008 = 106 fatalities) where the drivers were tested positive for a blood alcohol level of over 0.8. However, recently, in 2009, the number dropped to a low number of 68 fatalities.

About 42% of all auto accidents in Las Vegas are caused by drunk drivers. In 2009, 101 out of the annual total 243 fatal automobile accidents were due to drunk drivers with blood alcohol level of over .01. In 2008, the average blood alcohol level of drunk drivers in the United States is .39, whereas as in Las Vegas, the average number is .51.

When it comes to Motorcycle fatalities, Las Vegas had 42 deaths in 2009, a drop from 59 deaths the year before. Surprisingly, 39 of these fatalities were motorcycle riders who wore their helmets. However, the number is quite low if we account for the number of licensed motorcyclists in the city of Las Vegas. In 2008, there were 65,218 registered motorcycle riders, 59 of these riders died from an auto accident in that year.

If you happen to find yourself in an automobile accident, our county has some of the most talented and knowledgeable auto accident attorneys Las Vegas has to offer. So, be sure to buckle up and take the extra precautionary measures to decrease the chances of an accident. Drive defensively, leave early for work and school, and keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle.

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