Insurance Claims Las Vegas

As a Henderson auto accidents lawyer, Laura Hunt deals with a variety of legal issues when it comes to accidents. One of her recent conversations was with a client who was injured in a crash and wanted to get acupuncture to help relieve some of his muscle pain. He was denied by his insurance company because the company considered it “alternative treatment” and so he decided to turn to the lawyer for car accident Henderson.

The legitimacy of an insurer’s denial of coverage can depend on a number of facts. One of the first elements to consider is whether the client’s policy covers the type of care they are seeking.

It is also important to gather appropriate documentation of your condition and the reasoning behind the proposed treatment. If a client chooses to appeal the denial, oftentimes their case will reviewed by a health care professional specified under state regulations. The landmines in the appeals process are plentiful, which is why it is so important to consult a professional who has considerable experience in the area, such as the Henderson accidents lawyer Laura Hunt.

Laura Hunt has a first-hand knowledge of the insurance industry as she previously was an insurance professional. She decided to switch to the clients’ side to protect their rights in personal injury cases as well as help the families of those who have been the victim of a wrongful death circumstance. As a premier lawyer for car accidents in Henderson, she understands the needs of her clients and makes sure that their best interests are protected.

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