As we come to the close of 2020, I think we are all looking to 2021 to bring relief, economic stability and a return to some normalcy. It has been a historically challenging year for the vast majority of this country and our community. With all of the trauma, sadness, hardships, losses, tragedies, changes, missed opportunities, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the lessons learned and the simple joys this year has brought and reflect on the future. And to be clear, joy is not synonymous with happiness.   Happiness, I believe,  is the sense of comfort and pleasurable feelings we have when life is going well. Joy, conversely,  has the strange capacity to accompany sorrow; and more especially can be felt even in the midst of suffering. I believe that joy is something that resides deep in our soul when we understand and are connected to others,  when we know what is genuinely good, important and meaningful in our lives.  Joy can be felt, even in the darkest hours. Whereas happiness is generally a momentary bliss which is the result of  the current circumstances in which we find ourselves.  It is the satisfaction of the moment. This year has brought extreme unhappiness, I know in my life and my kids life,  and I believe in many, many around me.  So as we close the year, I choose to reflect on what joys were realized in 2020 and to carry those forward. I will continue to hope that they merge with happiness to be found in 2021.


1. Joy is the feeling that comes from a kinship with others. The art of conversation was honed in new ways during 2020 as the inability to physically connect forced us all to connect with our verbal expressions and often expressing our thoughts and feelings in words that may have previously only been communicated through a hug or handshake.

2. Joy is gratitude. Gratitude comes from seeing the good things in the world that make it possible for us to rejoice. Gratitude follows the contemplation of our passions, our loves, nature and the experiences that we engage in to be more connected to them. This year brought walks with family, boardgames, and simple pleasures and gratitude for our connections to the ones we love.

3. Joy is retrospection. Joy can come from the vivid recollection of our experiences of our lives. Joy comes from the memories of time spent with our loved ones– even those who have left us and the details of the experience. During 2020 I think all of us have spent a great deal of time reflecting on our memories in relation to the lack thereof in 2020; but also remembering those times spent and looking forward to future events.

4. Joy comes from redemption, restoration, and resurrection. Those are the feelings of things that are broken and being repaired.  Feelings that we thought were lost or were dead that come back to us. Joy lies in letting go of regrets and feelings of recommitting ourselves to the loves and dreams that we have. 2020 has brought the opportunity to restore our faith in ourselves –in our strengths and determination that we may have forgotten that we have. It has brought the ability to embark on new projects or end situations that should have ended a long time ago.   It has brought time to reflect on what it is that truly brings joy to our hearts. 2020 has brought the ability to take back our dreams and reflect on their future implementation. 

5. Joy is our found strength. We have all been forced to find the emotional and mental fortitude necessary to deal with situations and events that are so difficult and distressing that were previously beyond our comprehension to deal with. It has taught us that the strength of our inner soul can bring us joy and take us to places we did not think were possible.

It is my hope that we can all end this year with joy in our soul; in the lessons we have learned and the depth we have found. I believe that this year has taught us all the power of thought, the necessity of intelligence, and the need for dedication. We have found ourselves in a place of self-reliance and appreciation for the things we hold dearest. Let us take these lessons into 2021 and allow ourselves to find our strengths and live our dreams.

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